Well, I’m a little shamefaced at the moment.

I hit a snag – after moving, trying to write in an unfamiliar environment threw me into a piece of writer’s block. I was stuck trying to figure out the big driving force of a scene I had mapped out in the synopsis of my novel.

I sat around, wasting time, telling myself that by not focusing on the scene, I was letting my subconscious mind work out the problem uninterrupted by my conscious mind trying to “force it.”

Well, in all frankness, I don’t know how much of that was truth and how much of it was just me giving myself an excuse to fuck around and not get any work done.

What I can say with a certainty is that I got back to work tonight (or, rather, this morning) and have dead nailed the driving force of that scene. It has good, strong conflict and character movement, enriches the world of the protagonist and speaks to the theme — all the things a good scene must do.

Here’s hoping I can keep that momentum going after 8 hours of sleep — but that sleep won’t be coming for a short span yet, because I just refilled my coffee mug and after this post gets published, I’ll be rolling steady until the cup is empty once again. Then bed.

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