So, I’m noticing that…

…I’m being followed by a couple of vanity publishers.

Now, listen.

I have nothing against a business trying to make a buck, to keep the lights on and the rent paid. God knows, I know the feeling.

But I won’t be one of your customers. I’m in the profession of writing novels and screenplays for exactly two reasons:

1. To entertain people.

2. To get paid to entertain people.

I’m neither idle-rich nor a philanthropist. I won’t be paying to have anybody read my stuff. If I was in this to write things I knew people wouldn’t buy, I’d just hang it up, right this minute.

So while I appreciate that you all provide a service, I won’t be needing it. If you’re following my blog hoping to make a sale at some point down the line, you might as well forget it.

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