Scrivener And Evernote: A Writer’s Wish List

I’ve touched before on the joys of research and on the wonderful working relationship of Scrivener ( and Evernote (

And while each of these two apps is a joy to use on its own — Scrivener for brainstorming, structuring, composing and then revising text, Evernote for gathering, organizing and applying research content — and while they are, together, a nearly unstoppable force for the authorial good, each has some things that this particular writer would love to see added to both enhance their individual capabilities and bring that working relationship just a step or two closer.

I would love to see Scrivener’s “Scratchpad” get an upgrade. The Scratchpad currently lives in a little-traveled neighborhood in Scrivener’s menu. I suggest it get upgraded digs in the menubar as a persistent “helper” process. Ideas don’t always come when they’re called, and I don’t always have Scrivener running. But I would certainly always have Scratchpad running — if I could.

Evernote’s “stacks” allow the user to bundle separate notebooks together. But I find myself wishing for the ability to bundle related materials just a level deeper, into “substacks.”
For example, the stack “Writing Business” might contain the substacks “Commission” and “Spec”; “Spec”, would contain substacks for “Short Story”, “Novel” and “Screenplay.” Each of those would have substacks for different titles, which would have substacks for Characters, Settings, Technologies, Procedures… you get the idea.

Now, I realize that neither of those ideas may be feasible for the developers. Hell, even if they are, they’d probably be nightmares to code.

But my purpose here isn’t to demand, or cajole, or complain. This is just what it says on the tin: a writer’s wishlist. Will you find me cryin’ in the rain if this wishlist is never fulfilled? Nah. But you sure might find me dancing with joy if, one day, it is.

Until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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