Google Keep Is NOT An Evernote Killer.

Those of you who follow tech news have probably heard of Google’s long-overdue Android answer to Evernote. Google Keep aims to do for Android users… essentially what Evernote has already been doing for Android users for some time now.

Better late than never, right? Well… maybe.

But here’s why Keep is not, as some have described it, an “Evernote killer.” In fact, here’s why it’s not even a proper answer to Evernote. Same reason why Microsoft OneNote isn’t:

It isn’t platform-agnostic. Not fully, anyhow. Not yet.

Evernote has distribution on Android, iOS, Web, Mac and Windows. There is even an Evernote client for Linux.

Google Keep? Android and Web. That’s it.

Now, there might — well, knowing Google, inevitably will — come a day when there are desktop apps for Windows and Mac, and an iOS client, for Google Keep.

That day is not today. And that’s why Evernote still owns the playground.

For now.

Until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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