Got A Deadline? Evernote Keeps You On Track With Reminders

Whether you use Scrivener to compose your work like I and many, many others do, or whether you use another app like Pages, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or others, you no doubt face the same wonderful, terrible boogeyman that all writers face: the deadline.

And while there is a veritable armada of To-Do apps out there vying for dollars or just space on your hard drive, most of them are general-purpose to-do lists into which you’ll drop every single chore, errand or non-writing-related-but-still-work-related task.

For those of you who have discovered the phenomenal partnership in writing productivity between Scrivener and Evernote, however, now you can save money and hard drive space by letting Evernote handle your project reminders.

Let’s begin with the bird’s-eye view of my notebooks and stacks:

Evernote Notebooks

We’ll drill down into one of my project stacks and select a note that I want to remind myself to tend to; this is some commentary I left myself regarding maintaining consistency in the way my characters speak:

Example Note

Now, in order to invoke a reminder to myself about this note, all I have to do is click the “alarm clock” icon in the note’s upper right corner. Here it is highlighted:

Reminder Icon Highlighted

If I click it, I get a drop down menu that lets me know that a reminder is now active for this note and allows me to set the date and time when I want to be reminded:

Reminder Added

I can also see any reminders I have for this notebook displayed in a new sub-pane of the notebook’s list of notes, like this:

Reminder Left Pane

And that’s Evernote’s Reminders function. Until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.


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