Synergy Vapor Labs “Prime”: First Impressions

Tonight, I have first impressions of a new juice from Synergy Vapor Labs. I’ll post a follow-up review after it’s had a week to steep, but for tonight let’s see what we get right out of the mail.

This juice came in at 12mg strength and, if my memory serves, a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. It was tested on an Innokin iTaste running a 2.4ohm Bauway bridgeless 306 dripping atomizer at 4.4 volts, then in a Kanger Protank with 1.5ohm heads at 4.0 volts.

Prime comes from Synergy’s standard “Synergy Liquid” lineup. Let’s get right to work on this juice:


The color you get in the bottle isn’t the same color you get in a clearomizer or tank. As you can see from the photo, the juice is a pale gold in the bottle; however, when filling a clearomizer, the juice is closer to a champagne.

Straight out of the mail, this juice has no detectable nose at all. This is something I’ll revisit after a good week long steeping.

Good, solid vapor on this juice. Medium density, strong volume, though stronger presence from the Protank than from the dripping atomizer. And, strangely, although the juice has no nose yet while it’s in the bottle, the vapor does carry a subtle scent that perfectly matches the juice’s flavor. (We’ll get to the flavor in a minute.)

Throat Hit:
Let me qualify my remarks on the throat hit of these juices; I normally vape 24mg or 30mg juices. I like ’em good and stout. These juices I’m reviewing tonight are 12mg — half my favored strength at best.

That said, the throat hit on Synergy Vapor’s Prime is outstanding. It feels like a hit from a 24mg juice. Very solid, very satisfying.

Now this is the part I’ve been waiting to tell you about. I was informed that Prime is a take on Turkish tobacco. Now, I can’t speak to that — this is the first ejuice I will have tried that’s focused on the flavor profile of Turkish tobacco.

What I can tell you is this: the flavor of this juice is like nothing I’ve ever had before. The first few puffs, I must admit, I was on the fence. The next few puffs, I had started to get used to it. As of now, I love it.

The flavors I get with this juice are a light, toasted tobacco with a strong shadow of earthiness. That’s about standard tobacco ejuice fare, and it’s well executed. If that was it, this would be a “good” juice. But there’s more to the flavor than that. Riding on top of the toasted tobacco base is an almost peppery spice.

Right now, I’m getting these flavor notes as a bundle, not a synthesis. Even if it stays that way, this is a very fine juice. But I have the feeling that, after a 7 day steep, these flavor notes will have melded and synthesized into something absolutely amazing.

Strongly recommended. If you’re looking for a solid tobacco vape with just a touch more character and kick than everybody and their brother’s rendition, you won’t want to pass this up. The spicy character may or may not make or break this juice as an all day vape — for me, it’s going to be in my rotation, but as more of an early afternoon wake-up call for my tastebuds. Just a good, solid take on tobacco with a very nice difference from the every day.

You can get Prime from Synergy Vapor Labs at a very reasonable price of $10.95 for 15ml, plus shipping.

Until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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