Synergy Vapor Labs “Mage’s Melon”

“Mage’s Melon” is definitely a new and somewhat exotic flavor for me: it’s a ripe, tangy, slightly-sweet honeydew melon flavor — definitely a departure from my usual spectrum, which ranges from tobacco to… well… tobacco. Okay, I occasionally throw in the rare dessert or beverage flavor.

But honeydew, that is definitely a first. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect — I’m not exactly a notorious devourer of real honeydew melons, either.

But what better standpoint from which to review an unusual flavor, eh? No preconceptions, no bias, just “Is it any good?”

Let’s find out.

Dark, dark bronze. Very easy-filling juice, this one.

Here’s where we start to run into some strange territory. This juice is Synergy Vapor’s take on honeydew. Now, the first day out of the mail, I got a good, strong, tangy melon on the nose, but with something else. I couldn’t figure out what the “something else” was, at first. But with each passing day, the “something else” didn’t diminish — it actually got stronger.
And now I know what the “something else” is — it’s sage. I honestly don’t know why I’m smelling sage from this juice. Maybe honeydew is supposed to have a sage-like scent, but I don’t think so.

So I gave it a few more days… and the sage note faded from the nose. This is the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever experienced with a juice, and I cannot for the life of me do more than speculate as to why the nose of this juice went through such a strange transition.

My speculation is that the juice may have been stored cold at some point, heated up during shipping (we regularly hover over the century mark here in the Phoenix area at this time of year) and then, finally, steeping at room temperature for nearly a week, settled down and decided to behave itself.

The vapor for Mage’s Melon is actually surprisingly thicker than other offerings from Synergy Vapor, and I’m not sure why that is. Most likely, it’s a difference in formulations between their regular Synergy Liquid line and their Lush line.
Whatever that difference is, it results in Mage’s Melon delivering a slightly warmer and more moist mouthfeel with thicker and more voluminous vapor than other Synergy offerings I’ve tried on the same hardware. If you’re a fan of thick, plush vapor, this juice won’t leave you wanting on that front.

Throat Hit
The throat hit on Mage’s Melon is surprisingly solid at 12mg. There’s not really a great deal to elaborate on here; it won’t knock your pants off, but neither will it leave you unsatisfied.

Here again with the flavor I ran into that first impression of sage rather than honeydew. That has certainly fled now, and it really wasn’t the worst flavor in the world to vape, actually — but now that it’s steeped for a good, solid week, here’s what I get:

Nothing but semi-sweet and very tangy honeydew. It is without a doubt an unusual flavor in a juice, and I don’t think I’ve seen another juice vendor anywhere who offers it. I would call it a definite gamble on Synergy’s part, but I can see it paying off. It’s certainly a refreshing break from the ordinary.

The honeydew is decidedly organic here — nothing Jolly Rancher going on with this juice. There’s just a touch of earth, barely a glimmer, but the overall impression is a ripe melon fresh-picked in early October, then rinsed, sliced and served up fresh.

This is something that’s bound to be either a must-have or a never-will. To be honest, I’m still on the fence about which it will be for me. The more I vape it, the more I like it. It’s tangy, flavorful and refreshing, and it’s extremely authentic in its recreation of the flavor it’s modeled on.

That said, this juice absolutely must have a minimum of seven days to steep. Try it before that and you’ll get the flavor of sage; now, if sage is a scent you enjoy, that might not bother you. I’m not so much a fan of sage.

But give this juice its due steep time, and you just might be in for a tasty treat that goes just right with a hot summer day.

You can get “Mage’s Melon” from Synergy Vapor Labs for $9.50/10ml.

Until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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