Innokin iClear 16: Dual-Coil Clearomizer Goodness

Stardust ce4 dual coil
iClear 16

Clearomizers are my preferred atomizing device when it comes to vaping. Less fiddly than cartomizer tanks, easier to manage juice levels in than cartomizers and with more on-the-go capacity than dripping systems. That said, most of my experience with clearos has come from using KangerTech’s offerings: the M3, T3 and most recently the Protank. I like KangerTech’s devices, with the exception of the M3, and will probably find myself telling you about their EVOD at some point in the future.

But today it’s all about the Innokin iClear 16.

What makes it different:
Dual coils, baby. They say two heads are better than one, and when it comes to cartomizers and clearomizers, that’s just a solid fact. The iClear 16 brings that two-headed mutant freaky goodness to you with 4 ~3mm wicks tucked into 1.6ml of juice capacity.

The connection:
This clearo uses your standard eGo threading, meaning that it’ll work on damn near any battery or mod you’ve got or would care to get.

Now for the important part…

The vape:
Because of its dual coils, the iClear 16 delivers a full vape with plenty of throat hit (depending on your juice, of course.) That warmer vape comes with a flavor that isn’t as muted as you would expect from a clearomizer, especially from a clearomizer of this size.

The draw is about middle of the road — not too tight, like the Kanger M3, nor too airy, as some people have described with the Protank. Baby bear says it’s juuuuuust right.

The cost:
The iClear 16 generally runs in the neighborhood of six bucks per unit. For the level of performance you get from this device, that’s not unreasonable at all.

But then figure this into the calculator: as with more expensive devices like the Protank and the EVOD, the iClear 16 uses replaceable heads, meaning that the tank itself is reusable and should last you a good, long while, only needing a regular, sensible schedule of cleaning — every 3 or 4 refills should be about right — and then occasional replacement of the heads, which run somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.50-$3.00 per head.

Potential down sides:
Just to be fair, there are two possible drawbacks I can see with the iClear 16: First would be that, because it uses plastic for the tank wall material, there are some juices you may not want to run through it for long term use — these would be the hardcore citrus and cinnamon juices, as they have been known, with certain clearos, to eventually break down the polycarbonate material some manufacturers use. I don’t know if that would be the case with this particular unit, but let the buyer beware.

The second potential drawback would be in the smaller capacity of the unit. If you’re going to be vaping at work, for example, a 1.6ml clearomizer probably won’t last you through a full 8 hour work day. In that scenario, I’d advise either taking a higher-capacity device like a Protank or, if you don’t mind filling and taking 2 or 3 iClear units with you, you could do it that way. Or just take a 15ml bottle of your juice with you and refill while you’re away from home. However you prefer to do it.

The final verdict:
For its place in Innokin’s clearomizer lineup, I give the iClear 16 a solid thumbs up. It’s not the biggest clearo out there; it’s not made of stainless steel and pyrex glass. It’s not the bells and whistles — but it’s not placed or priced to be any of those things. It’s a reasonably priced, easy to use, easy to maintain compact performer. I like it. I think you might like it, too.

You can get it from lots of different places, but the prices I described were found at

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  • I tried the iClear16 & 30 when they 1st came out & wasn’t too impressed.. The iClear30’s mouthtip just bugged me, & the with the iClear16s, I’d either get total dry-hits or extreme gurgling & flooding (seemed to be their “thing”) — so I kept on looking for something better. Enter June, 2013 when I got the iTasteVV-V3.0 that came with 5 iClear16 clearomizers. Considering their past history, figured they’d go in that “extreme emergency” pile; noticing they were now stamped VV/VW tho… I wondered if anything had been changed. Now, IDK what’s different, but… they’re different! (if that makes sense) All I can say is wow, wow… WOW! Stellar. I use mostly 50/50 juices & before filling I just unraveled 2 of the wicks about 1/3 of the way up… filled… waited a few minutes….. & then it was vaping bliss from then on. NO dry hits… NO gurgling… NO cleaning.. just topping off a few times a day. Been using any/all juice thru it~ with no cracking or fogging either. Oh, AND, I do rotate between a couple devices…. but am still using the 1st one outta 5… with it’s original coil (unheard of…… i know!) nearly 2 months later! I’ve probably tried ’em all, & with an adaptor that allows me to use my own drip tip…. it’s definitely been the best clearo I’ve used to date! (Oakley Gemini comes in a close second) =)


    • John Castle

      I had never tried the iClear16, or any other Innokin clearo, until I got the same kit you did — set of 5 with the iTaste VV/VW. Since I posted this, I have had one of the 5 fail on me — started leaking/stopped firing — but the other 4 are still going strong. The Protank is still my go-to atomizing solution, but I am still duly impressed with the iClear for what it is — a budget clearo with solid performance.


  • I dig these very much as well. If you’re vaping tobacco or other juices that build up on coils, pop of the little silicone thingy and use a needle file or mascara brush to get the residue off. Rinse the head, replace rhe silicone, dry burn for a few seconds, and voilà, fresh coil.

    The CE5 wickless clearos from FT are my second favorites.


  • I have 2iclear 16’s and getting plastic taste from both. Anyone know why?


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