So… basically, today’s world is screwed up.

We’ve made strides since the early-to-mid 20th century. Some of them are worth keeping. Some of them turned out to be just illusions. Some of them never really got off the ground but instead just sort of flopped over and crashed again in the opposite direction they were facing when we tried to lift ’em up to rightness.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back from the world, look at how things are, how things were, and split the difference if you wanna see how things should be.

And other times, you just want some music that doesn’t suck.

Here’s some music that doesn’t suck.

And to keep you listening for a little longer, episodes of two of radio’s best shows:

Thanks for listening — hope you found something way too many of us have lost. Until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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