Smokeless: An Introductory Guide To The Pleasures Of Vaping


That book cover will soon appear on Amazon Kindle. This really is the convergence of my two great passions: writing and giving people reasons to switch from the deadly habit of smoking to the more pleasant habit of vaping.

It’s been a year and a half in the making — mostly first-hand experience, a lot of watching reviews and tutorials from some terrific mentors in the vaping world — gentlemen like GrimmGreen and Phil Busardo — and a great big heap of trial and error. Lots of trial, lots of error.

Smokeless will cover everything from the cigarette-lookalike devices you find at the gas station to variable wattage Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, from how to select the best juices to tips of vaping etiquette. And it will cover all of these subjects in a way that’s accessible to everyone, from the moderately experienced vaper looking to step up his game to the complete stranger who is tired of smoking and just wants to know how to get the best experience for his or her dollar. And sprinkled throughout will be good, solid science, some predictions about the political and regulatory future of vaping, and personal stories taken from my own sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating education in the vaping world.

And the apps that made this book possible?

Scrivener icon thumbnail Scrivener


Evernote icon Evernote.

From the beginning, Scrivener’s outliner made crafting the skeleton of Smokeless not just possible, not merely easy, but fun. And as I delved more deeply into the subject matter, particularly the scientific and political factors at play with electronic cigarettes, Evernote was a simply indispensable research and information-shaping system.

You’ll be able to purchase Smokeless: An Introductory Guide To The Pleasures Of Vaping for $4.99 on Amazon Kindle beginning in October.


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