“Classic CountRY4” from Mountain Oak Vapors: First Impressions

Along with the Chimbus dual-coil rebuildable dripping atomizer, today’s mail brought three new (to me) eliquids from Mountain Oak Vapors. I’ll give first impressions of each in turn, starting with Classic CountRY4 from MOV’s “Silver Label” line.

This 18mg nicotine strength liquid was tested on the Smoktech Octopus running a 1.7 ohm coil at 10 watts.


Mountain Oak Vapors says:
“Classic CountRY4 — You asked for it, and we delivered! Our customers have had nothing but the best things to say about our original MOV take on a classic RY4 blend. What is an RY4? Traditionally it’s characterized by Tobacco, Vanilla & Caramel. Like a tobacco cake, CCRY4 Delivers on these 3 flavors and will definitely satisfy your ‘itch’.”

Golden-hued, clean and nimble. Filling your atomizing device of choice with this liquid is nice and easy.

Strong presence of robust Virginia and Turkish tobaccos at the forefront of a sweet blend of predominantly caramel with vanilla right on its heels. This is something I’ve come to discover, having tried NET-based liquids; non-NET liquids don’t seem to require as much steeping time to reach their promised flavor and scent profiles. The downside to this, if one could call it a downside, is that they tend not to be as subtle or layered, either. The nose on this liquid is exactly what is promised, and it isn’t at all shy about being that.

I’m not sure if it’s down to the aforementioned fact that these are non-NET eliquids, or if it’s that my ability to build coils has undergone a breakthrough with the particular coil I used to test these, but the vapor here is simply ridiculous. Dense white clouds of vapor is produced by this eliquid, and the flavor carriage is intense but brief.

Throat hit:
Full but gentle. This provides more of a sensation at the back of the throat of a firm press rather than a hard shove.

Everything promised on the nose, turned up to 11. For a tobacco-based flavor, this is extremely rich and dessert-like. So dessert-like, in fact, that I can’t see myself using it as an all-day vape, but rather as an after-dinner treat.

I strongly recommend this eliquid to anyone who’s looking to satisfy a sweet tooth and a craving for a robust tobacco flavor profile at the same time. Whether you like something full, rich and decadent throughout the day or only as an occasional treat, you can’t go wrong with this eliquid.

You can get Classic CountRY4 from Mountain Oak Vapors here.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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