“Tranquili-Tea” from Mountain Oak Vapors: First Impressions

This 18mg nicotine strength eliquid was tested on a 1.7 ohm coil running at 10 watts.


Mountain Oak Vapors says, “Tranquili-Tea™ is one of the newest additions to our Natural VG Line. This flavor contains a high level of Vegetable Glycerin (over 60%) and also contains natural flavors. Tranquili-Tea™, as the name implies, is a relaxing and soothing vape that joins an all-natural green tea flavor with sweet raspberry and a bright all-natural pomegranate flavor. Tranquili-Tea™ has an unmistakable green tea finish, and should please those vapers looking for an authentic experience.”

This one threw me for a loop. It’s difficult to gauge an eliquid’s appearance in MOV’s amber glass bottles; however, in the eye-dropper built into the cap, it’s a light pastel pink. Moving beyond the unusual color, however, it’s standard MOV fare: clean, clear of any cloudiness, patching or particulates, and flows easily and nimbly.

The nose is potent but not unpleasant, and really delivers on the green tea right up front. The sweetness of the pomegranate and the tartness of the raspberry are right there beside it in the forefront; no scent dominates. Nice fusion happening here.

Because of the high VG content of this eliquid, the vapor from this eliquid is glorious. On a rebuildable dripping atomizer, even an unmodified Smoktech Octopus, you get thick, fragrant clouds of fluffy white vapor. Flavor carriage in this vapor is potent and does last for a few minutes; however, with the scent being entirely free of any hint of tobacco, complaints from non-smokers are extremely unlikely.

Throat hit:
Nothing out of the ordinary, but fully satisfactory. Lighter than I’m accustomed to, but certainly present; vapers who don’t typically seek out 24mg throat-smacking hitmonster eliquids will find the throat hit here more than adequate.

The flavor reproduction fidelity of this eliquid is top notch. The green tea I taste here takes me back to my days frequenting one of the better sushi joints I found in southern California, while the raspberry comes through bright and tart; the sweetness of Francis pomegranate rounds out the flavor profile.

I could see this eliquid easily taking its place as an all-day vape for many, but I would particularly recommend it as an early afternoon indulgence, especially in hotter climates and during the summer. An additional recommendation, since this juice is so flavorful, is that vapers might find it most enjoyable at cooler power output settings such as the standard 3.7 volt output or at 7.5 watts.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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