Scrivener and Save The Cat! Templates!

As promised, here are some templates which you should find helpful when using Scrivener with the Save The Cat! storycrafting method.

You can get four templates here for $2.99.


  • How to use these? I imported them into Scrivener (Windows), started a new project based on Screenplay-BS2, and see…nothing other than a standard blank Scrivener project. None of the outline images shown in the other posts. Or are these templates only Mac compatible?


    • John Castle

      It may be that these will only work on the OSX version, although I would not have expected that.


  • Trying to open them in OS X version. No luck. Can’t figure out how to open it with any number of Scrivener options.


    • John Castle

      Okay. If you’re trying to open them in Scrivener 2.6 (L&L’s update to make it compatible with Yosemite), there may be a compatibility issue, as those templates were created using version 2.5 on OSX.

      I don’t know that for certain, mind you, it’s just the first explanation that occurs to me. Let me check into it, and if that’s the case, I’ll recreate them in 2.6 and release them with an updated post on this site. So stay tuned!


      • Any updates on this? I downloaded the templates (I’m using Scrivener with Yosemite), but Scrivener won’t recognize the templates 😦


      • John Castle

        Hi there, Rovi!

        I’ve been working on some updated templates for Scrivener 2.6, and I know they’ve taken a while. I want to make sure they’re *perfect* before I release them, but that time is coming very, very soon! 🙂

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  • Thanks! I’ll be waiting 🙂


  • You have to Import the Template into Scrivener so it’s available when you Start a New Project.
    First, click FILE, NEW PROJECT.
    Then navigate to the templates to install. You may have to repeat for all templates.
    Now they will show as a chooseable New Project Type.


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