Linguistic Action Coding System

There is a (now) well-known (if not well-understood) deception detection platform known as the FACS, or Facial Action Coding System.

Developed by Dr. Paul Ekman and most popularly fictionalized by Dr. Cal Lightman on the television series “Lie To Me”, the Facial Action Coding System enables a trained and skilled observer to detect “leakage”; instances in which the subject’s statements are at odds with his or her emotional facial expressions and/or body language.

The question has been asked, however: Can “leakage” be detected through text alone, such as through SMS messages sent via cellular phone, or email messages?

The answer is: Yes. Yes,, it can. There are a multitude of factors involved in detecting deception via text alone; with that said, it can be done, just as easily and accurately as with a subject who is standing or sitting within arm’s distance.

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