“The Turk” from Butt-Out and Indigo Vapor


T Turk 2T
This 24mg eliquid was tested on a 0.8 ohm microcoil running at 10 watts.

A Word On The Sourcing
I don’t normally frequent local eliquid vendors’ retail locations. There are a few reasons why, but one of them is that of the two I’ve been to, ever, the first and prior to today the only one has insanely high markups on their hardware, and their liquids are… okay… but nothing I’d walk a mile for, to riff on the old Camel slogan.

Well, that’s not the case with the second local vendor I visited. The fellas at Butt-Out know their business, and they’re passionate about making every new customer feel like one of the crew.

Enough gushing, let’s get to the subject of this foreword; along with their own house line of liquids, Butt-Out is a bottling partner eliquid producer Indigo Vapor, and so carries a line of Indigo-sourced, Butt-Out bottled liquids. So that’s why this eliquid is “from Butt-Out and.” The 15ml bottle I’m vaping right now came from Butt-Out’s new Tempe, Arizona location.

One additional note on this liquid before we dive in: this is a NET liquid, which I like, and as the name suggests, it’s sourced from Turkish tobacco, which I like.

Right, down to business.

Golden-brown, texture like sun. (Musical reference, anyone?) Clean and clear, just what I’d expect of professionally made eliquid.

Strong and spicy. My experience of Turkish tobacco eliquids is still pretty limited, but I like them quite a lot. Right up there with triple-5s in my book. For a NET, the nose on this is powerful. There’s the flavor layering typical of NETs, but the nose isn’t the least bit bashful. Potent, earthy and spicy tobacco all up in your face

I’m not exaggerating in the least here when I say that this liquid produces just plain luxurious vapor. Plentiful and with good, full body. Just very, very nice. I can’t speak yet to flavor carriage in the vapor, since the only people I’ve vaped this around so far were themselves vaping, but I would have to imagine that there’s probably a good chance of flavor carriage. As always when vaping, be courteous of nonsmokers. As always with an eliquid that features a tobacco flavor profile, don’t try to stealth it where vaping or smoking aren’t welcome.

Throat Hit:
Full. If you’re like me and like a solid throat hit you don’t have to work too hard for, this eliquid nails it. At 24mg and run at 10 watts, this stuff satisfies fully on throat hit.

This, in my opinion, is the benefit of a NET eliquid over a non-NET. As I mentioned a little way back, I’ve tried a Turkish-tobacco flavored eliquid once before. So here’s the difference between a non-NET Turkish and a NET Turkish:

The flavors in the NET Turkish aren’t competing with each other; they’re one. Instead of a tobacco flavor and a separate peppery, spicy flavor mixed together, they’re just one flavor. And, friends, that makes all the difference in the world when you taste the vapor. It’s the difference between a muddy and muted flavor and a bright, crisp, vivid flavor.

That’s not to disparage non-NET eliquids; they’re perfectly delicious. It’s simply the difference between HD video and 40K video. One is wonderful; the other is jaw-dropping.

I digressed again, didn’t I? Sorry. Chalk it up to writer’s prerogative. What you’ll taste with “The Turk” is a bold and bright peppery tobacco that’s surprisingly smooth for such a potent flavor.

I can’t think of a time or situation in which anyone from the new vaper who just ditched that last pack of coffin nails to the seasoned vaping veteran wouldn’t enjoy this vape. With its bold yet smooth flavor and excellent throat hit, there’s lots to love with this liquid.

Where To Get It:

In the greater Phoenix area, you can get “The Turk” at Butt-Out locations:

708 E. Virginia Ave. Phoenix, AZ
401 S. Mill Ave., #106 Tempe, AZ
6610 N. 47th Ave., #5 Glendale, AZ

Outside the Phoenix area, you can get it online from here.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.


  • Steve Alberts

    I just wanted to point out that, as far as I know, Indigo does not produce any NET liquids. The juices are indeed delicious but they are, in fact, synthetically flavored. Proof provided here, with direct quote from Tony of Indigo Vapor stating that all their tobacco flavors are synthetic, not NET:



    • John Castle

      Well, that’s disappointing; but, like you say, it doesn’t really affect the quality of the eliquid. If anything, it speaks very well of their blending techniques.


  • How hard of a throat hit would you say that a 24mg e liguid will give you?


  • On a scale from 1-10.


    • John Castle

      Throat hit depends on a few different factors — first, the nicotine content; second, the PG/VG ratio; third, and finally, the performance of the Atomizing Device you’re vaping it from.

      For example, 24mg with a high PG content, like 80/20, and vaped from something like an X.Jet or Aspire Bottom Dual Coil, or from a Kanger Aero Tank with airflow dialed in low, is going to give you throat hit that’ll knock you on your ass. By contrast, 24mg strength with a high VG content, like 30/70, and vaped from a device that doesn’t give very good performance, like the original Kanger Protank, is going to make you work hard for that throat hit.


  • ……. “never a frown, with golden brown” ♫ 😉 wink Live longER & vape on!

    Liked by 1 person

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