Scrivener 2.5: Now is the time.

2010 10 27 scrivener

If you’ve been searching for the best writing app out there, your search is over. If you’ve known about Scrivener already but have been sitting on the fence waiting for the right time to try it, that time is now.

For those who are unfamiliar with what Scrivener is, quite simply, it is the writing app. I didn’t say “word processing” — because it’s far, far beyond any word processor. It is a writing app.

Whether you’re writing a novella or a research paper, a screenplay or sales copy, Scrivener is designed to do one thing: Enable you to write.

If what you’re writing is relatively short but requires in-depth research that you’ll want to refer to so that you can hone every word with razor focus, Scrivener is what you need to keep your composition and your wealth of research in view, at all times, in one window. And Scrivener is your app for that.

If what you’re writing is an intricate 110 page screenplay, you may want to shut out everything else on your display with a distraction-free composition window — and in the very next moment, you may want to refer to your script’s page, the screenplay’s entire structure, and in-depth scene notes, all in one eagle’s-eye view. And Scrivener is your app for that.

If what you want is world domination… well, Scrivener might not be your app for that. But, hey, just maybe it is.

Because no one app will let you dominate the fictional worlds within you — shape them, steer them, sculpt them from the grandest broad brushes to the most minute scalpel-fine details — like Scrivener will.

It isn’t often that a piece of software puts a smile on my face. Scrivener does, every time I use it.

And today, with the release of version 2.5, I have even more to smile about. Version 2.5 brings an army of refinements, in areas such as OS X Mavericks compatibility for greater reliability and smoother performance on Apple’s most advanced operating system, greater flexibility and stability in compilation and export, as well as tighter integration with Literature and Latte’s other amazing application, Scapple.

If you’re a writer, from aspiring to grizzled veteran, you have a new reason to smile today: Scrivener 2.5 from Literature & Latte.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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