The Smoktech ePipe – First Impressions

So today I bought my very first mechanical mod — the Smoktech ePipe. Along with it, I picked up a pair of 18350s, the only size of battery the ePipe can accomodate, as well as a charger and a pair of Innokin iClear 30 clearomizers and approximately a buttload of eliquid.

But this review is about just the ePipe. So here we go:

The ePipe is quite compact, which makes it exceptionally pocket-friendly. Even with an iClear 30 on board, which is not exactly a compact clearomizer, the ePipe sits quite comfortably in a hip pocket.

I would actually recommend the iClear 30 to go with this mechanical because of the iClear 30’s adjustable drip tip: it completes the “pipe” look of the mod and, functionally, makes it easier to vape.

Another pro is that the 800mAh 18350s are little champs. They power this compact mod beautifully, pushing enough power to kick plumes of luxurious vapor out of the iClear 30.

Heft. Some people think a device can be “too heavy.” I’m not one of them. I like a device that’s got some weight and, really, some solidity to it. Tells me it’s gonna last. For being as compact as it is, the Smoktech ePipe has heft. You can tell this little sucker is solid. As Adelai Nizska would say, “The Smoketch ePipe is not from gossip. Is fact. Is solid.”

Button throw:
Nice and short. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the firing button on a mech, but I’m pleased to report that the button on the ePipe has a short, sure throw that won’t leave you guessing.

Button location:
Because the firing button is on the top of the “bowl” (really, the battery compartment) the grip is comfortable and natural, and persuades the user to “palm” the battery compartment, pressing the firing button with the thumb. This is an unusually comfortable and discreet way to hold and use the mod.


Sits funny on flat surfaces; this is owing to its pipe configuration, nothing can be done about it except to unscrew whatever clearomizer or cartomizer you have screwed onto it before setting it down. Pain in the butt, easier to just live with it sittin’ funny.

510-only connection: If you use eGo threaded devices, this bad boy ain’t havin’ ’em. 510-only.

18350 batteries only: Don’t hold onto fantasies about throwing 18650s in this puppy — t’ain’t made for ’em. Likewise, hold no hope of fitting at Kick in there. Also not happening.

If you’re looking to get into mechs with a solid yet compact little performance champion, the Smoktech ePipe just might be your mod of choice. With its unique configuration, you’re also bound to stand out from the crowd. But don’t look for 18650 or Kick accommodation, and be prepared for it to sit a little wonky on your desk.

(Edit: For some reason, I put “18360” in there where I meant “18650”. It’s fixed now.)

I got mine from Butt Out‘s Tempe location. Here are some photos:

1  The ePipe

2  Holding The ePipe

3  Vaping The ePipe

In the Phoenix area, you can get the Smoktech ePipe from Butt-Out locations; online you can get it from Gotvapes starting at $49.95.

As always, thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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