“Eternal Sunshine” from Butt-Out

Eternal Sunshine

This 24mg eliquid was tested in a 2.2 ohm iClear30 clearomizer at 10 watts, then retested at 7.5 watts, then retested again on a 2.0 ohm microcoil powered at 3.7 volts. (What does that mean?)

Butt-Out calls it, “A smooth tropical medley.”

Let’s get started.

Light pastel pink/new copper in color. Clean and clear in consistency. Light and nimble in movement, leaves behind no residue on polycarbonate.

The nose on this liquid is of strong peach, followed up with pineapple. I also detect orange in the last moments of the nose.

Not too dense, but plenty of volume. Flavor carriage is on the medium side but brief, may leave echoes of citrus in the room. Have no fear about vaping this in the company of nonsmokers.

Throat Hit:
Intense at 24mg powered at 10 watts; maybe more so than some vapers will be comfortable with. Dropping the wattage to 7.5, throat hit is significantly more gentle, yet still quite satisfying. Testing again at 3.7 volts yielded the same result as the second test. This liquid brings the throat hit, no question about it.

The flavor on this eliquid is strongly dependent on the AD (Atomization Device) in which it is used. As with most liquids, clearomizers can significantly mute the flavor. With that prefatory note out of the way, Eternal Sunshine is a flavor winner for anyone who’s a big fan of citrus and peach flavors.

Peach and Pineapple lead the pack, with a sweet, tangy orange bringing up the rear. The iClear 30 delivers these flavors more than competently, but it’s on a hand-built 2.0 ohm microcoil in a rebuildable atomizer that, not unexpectedly, the full colors come shining through.

If you’re a fan of peaches and/or citrus and like a good, solid throat hit in your vapor, this could be your all-day vape. Because the flavor profile is entirely tobacco-free, you should also find few or no hassles when it comes to vaping this anywhere you choose.

Where to get it:
In the greater Phoenix area, you can get Butt-Out eliquids at Butt-Out retail locations:

708 E. Virginia Ave. in Phoenix
401 S. Mill Ave., #106 in Tempe
6610 N. 47th Ave., #5 in Glendale

Or get it online at Butt-Out’s online store.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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