“Eastwood” from Butt-Out and Indigo Vapor


This 24mg NET eliquid was tested on a 1.5 ohm microcoil running at 10.5 watts. (What does that mean?)

As with “The Turk”, this eliquid is crafted by Indigo Vapor and bottled locally by Butt-Out. It’s a partnership that yields some really terrific results.

If you’ve been following my vaping reviews for a while, and you should, you’ve probably come to the understanding that although my taste in vapes has begun to expand pretty significantly over time, I still love a good tobacco flavor. Let’s dive right into this one.

The hue on this is light bronze, reminiscent of iced tea. It’s a little thicker than I’m used to seeing; while I’m not sure of the PG/VG ratio, thicker juices tend to have higher VG content. Nevertheless, the liquid is, if not nimble, not sluggish in movement. It does tend to leave a slight layering behind it, but this fades quickly enough. My recommendation is to go ahead and use it in anything you like, but if — and I think this is an unlikely if, but — if you experience wicking issues, you might mix it with another eliquid of a similar flavor but lower VG content to reduce the thickness.

(ADDENDUM: I have two bottles of this — one that sits on my desk and the other stored in a cabinet. The one from the cabinet doesn’t display the same thickness as the one that’s on my desk. The apparent difference is probably owing to the fact that I typically keep the temperature at my desk extremely cold for the benefit of my computer. So now we know what caused that. Vape on. 🙂 )

This part is fun. Let me relate to you what the nose was, and then what it is now. The first day I got home with this and opened one of the bottles for the first time, what I got on the nose was none other than Honey Nut Cheerios. No foolin’, that’s exactly what I smelled. And what I tasted, too. Smooth, rich, semisweet, delicious… breakfast cereal.

But now that it’s had a week to steep, it’s a whole new ballgame. (As it so often is, hmm?) Today, cracking the bottle open again, I get Virginia, Turkish and I’m not 100% sure but I think I detect a lacing of Cavendish. There’s some earthiness happening, as well, and a little bit of grassiness far in the background behind notes of vanilla and caramel. It’s more than a little like climbing out of a car after arriving at the State Fair. Very nice.

High density, low volume. No one who sees you exhale this is going to think you’re smoking, at least not smoking a cigarette; cigarette smoke doesn’t match the visual output of this vapor. Flavor carriage on this vapor is minimal and brief. The only notes that seem to carry or linger for even a few seconds are the caramel and vanilla, so you should be hassle-free when vaping this around nonsmokers.

Throat Hit:
As with “The Turk” — and, presumably, all of Indigo’s other NETs — throat hit is solid, satisfying and quick to arrive. It’s plainly apparent that this vendor knows what vapers want and knows how to deliver it, every time.

As with the nose, the flavor of this juice right out of the store or the mail is fully breakfasty. Did I mention Honey Nut Cheerios? I think I did.

But let it have its shelf time and what you get is one of the most nuanced tobacco vapes out there. The various naturally extracted tobaccos, combined with the caramel and vanilla infusion, combine to form a flavor so robust and subtly sweet that vaping this is almost the equivalent of eating a piece of Black Forest cake; your taste buds and brain will be fully engaged in identifying which of the myriad flavors you’re tasting from instant to instant, and enjoying the entire process all the way from inhale to exhale. Oh, yes — it’s that good.

With the vapor’s minimal second-hand flavor carriage and maximum personal flavor and throat hit delivery, there’s just no bad time or place to enjoy this vape. But my personal recommendation is that you vape it in a time and place where you can really kick back, relax and savor the moment.

Where to get it:
In the greater Phoenix area, you can get “Eastwood” at Butt-Out retail locations:

708 E. Virginia Ave. in Phoenix
401 S. Mill Ave., #106 in Tempe
6610 N. 47th Ave., #5 in Glendale

Or get it online at Indigo Vapor.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.


  • Great review! Thanks for the details! They are appreciated! 🙂

    But one thing, indigo’s tobaccos are NOT NETs believe it or not. 😉


    • John Castle

      So I’ve been told; I still find it hard to believe. If their tobacco flavors aren’t NETs, then they’ve got a lock on the very closest thing to it.


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