The Njoy King: A Second Look

I’ve done a review of the NJoy King before, but it was only an extremely quick video overview that really didn’t go into much detail. I also mentioned it in my book on vaping, Smokeless, but didn’t really include a review there, either, since reviews weren’t really the purpose of the book. I’m going to rectify that now.

I’ve now tried all three varieties of NJoy available in the market local to me, which include Mild (30mg), Menthol (Unknown) and now Bold (45mg). These are extremely high nicotine concentrations, and I suspect the reason for the extreme nicotine strength is to compensate for the extremely limited eliquid capacity and battery life of such an incredibly cigarette-like device.

And make no mistake about it, the NJoy King is apparently intended to be, at least on a visual and tactile basis, identical to a combustion-based tobacco cigarette. It succeeds, by the way, with flying colors. Have a look at a few pics:

NJoy And Pack


NJoy Firing


Let’s get into the details of the eliquid’s Vapor, Throat Hit and Flavor. Before we do, though, I need to preface this evaluation:

You cannot judge the NJoy King, or any other disposable, against the standard set by personal vaporizers like mods, variable-voltage/wattage devices, or even the humble eGo platform. You just can’t. To do so would be so unfair to the disposable that you’d simply be wasting your time and energy even by engaging in such an exercise.

Instead, you have to judge these things in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. In the same vein, then, you have to use them in your evaluation the same way you would use tobacco cigarettes. You simply cannot chain-vape one of these and then complain that it only lasts for an hour. If you chain smoked a pack of cigarettes, you could burn that up in an hour, as well.

And I admit — I’m guilty of judging the NJoy the former way with my first thoughts quickie overview some months back. That’s why I rethought my perspective on these devices and found that I needed to follow up. Older and wiser, as they say. So, let’s dig in:


The vapor output on the NJoy King Bold is more than a match for the visible exhalation from a tobacco cigarette. It’s thick and plentiful, and I would be sorely surprised if there is any flavor carriage in the vapor at all.

Throat Hit:

This is where the NJoy King Bold really outshines any other disposable I’ve tried; throat hit on this little bastard just plain whomps. I have no doubt whatsoever that that’s due to the sky-high nicotine strength. The throat hit from this actually borders on harsh.


This is where the NJoy King could use a little tweaking. The flavor is there, and it’s quite authentic, if a little reminiscent of loose roll-your-own that’s been sitting on cardboard for a while… it’s just weak tea. For vapor that thick, that delivered that much throat hit, I was really expecting much stronger flavor than this is delivering. And do bear in mind that I’m comparing the flavor to cigarette levels of flavor strength, not PV levels. Remembering back to my days of unfiltered Lucky Strikes or even just Camel filters, this just doesn’t pack as strong a flavor as I’d like or would expect from the rest of the performance this device delivers.


Would I recommend this device to a fellow vaper? Reservedly; it would be for specific situations. If you choose to stealth vape, you couldn’t ask for a better device to do it with than the NJoy King Bold, bar none. With the almost nonexistent flavor carriage in the vapor and the absolutely miniscule size of this device, stealthing would be a cinch if you know how to do it. Additionally, if you’re traveling without the benefit of convenient charging for a more powerful system, this will certainly carry you over the dry spell between dead battery/no outlet and charged battery. But as a primary vape? No, certainly not. At more than $8 a go, there are more powerful and more affordable options in plenty.

Would I recommend this to a smoker looking to make the transition to vaping as seamlessly as possible before diving into the learning curve attendant to more powerful and complex PVs? Without hesitation. If there’s one electronic cigarette (a term I despise, but the NJoy King fits it if any device does) that’s going to make the transition from smoking to vaping as shock-free as possible, this is that device.

Where can you get one?

At damn near any 7-Eleven, from what I’ve seen. But if you can’t find one over the counter, you can get them here.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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