“The Skipper” from Butt-Out

The Skipper

This 24mg eliquid was tested in a 2.0 ohm iClear 30 powered at 3.7 volts. (What does that mean?)

Has the chill of autumn got you longing for the return of summer? Here’s something to remind you of warmer days. Let’s get to it.


Much like the Butt-Out eliquid Dovah Peak, The Skipper is crystal clear, with smooth, nimble movement and no trails or layers left in its passing. A note on clear eliquids: Exercise close scrutiny when refilling clearomizers or cartomizers with these, as it’s extra easy to overfill if you’re not focused.


Overwhelmingly, unmistakably pineapple. And, what’s more surprising to me, organic pineapple. I’ve tried pineapple and piña colada based eliquids from other vendors (most notably and disappointingly Voda Vapor’s just plain nasty take on it) and I’m pleased to report that Butt-Out’s rendition has none of the soapy chemical notes of the competition I’ve tried so far.


There’s not a lot to say about The Skipper’s visual output that you haven’t read about Butt-Out’s other offerings; the curse of consistency is upon the reviewer, as they say. Dense core with fluffy, lacy edging. Flavor carriage is potent and, due to the distinctive piña colada profile, does tend to linger longer than most. However, because this is a pleasing organic scent, the few who are sensitive enough to pick up on it are incredibly unlikely to offer any complaints.

Throat Hit:

This eliquid offers a throat hit more powerful than Dovah Peak‘s while coming in on the same timetable. Quick and forceful at 24mg, the throat hit is nevertheless free of harshness and leaves behind no dry, scratchy feeling.


While the nose shouts pineapple, the flavor has more to say. Still predominantly pineapple on the inhale, I get the caramel-and-vanilla sweetness of rum, a shave of coconut, and hints of light spice along with it on the exhale. The perfect piña colada.


If you like piña coladas… Well, I can’t remember the last time somebody poured me one. Not that I’ll refuse one if I’m offered — booze is booze — but I’m more of a whiskey drinker. I am, however, a fella who likes pineapple. Tastes good. This eliquid tastes good, too. It’s just the thing for kicking back and remembering the warmer days of summer. Or for letting the flavor trick your brain into feeling nice and cool during those very same days of summer. An all-around solid take on a very popular flavor.


Where to get it: 


In the greater Phoenix area, you can get Butt-Out eliquids at Butt-Out retail locations:


708 E. Virginia Ave. in Phoenix


401 S. Mill Ave., #106 in Tempe


6610 N. 47th Ave., #5 in Glendale


Or get it online at Butt-Out’s online store.




Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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