BRV – Shore Leave

Another awesome post by local vaper and reviewer VaporNick. Check him out, folks.

Vapor Nick
shoreleave-700x700Shield Final Logo
BRV (Bottle Ready to Vape) is a line of juices that has been developed to help support the Vape-A-Vet project. Proceeds from BRV are going to help further the mission of VaV which is to put high-end vaping starter kits in the hands of Veterans and Active Duty service members. VaV aims to remove the front end costs of trying out vaping to help veterans kick traditional tobacco habits and live a healthier lifestyle. Over 100 kits have reached the hands of our service members and that number is growing steadily.

BRV Liquids just released their first flavor to the general public (which I have been anxiously waiting to try) – Shore Leave.
This juice is awesome. I’ve tried this juice on pretty much everything I have. I think it vapes best when dripped but you can get a great vape from pretty much any device you…

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