The Long Hiatus Is Over

You all have probably noticed that, since November of last year, entries on this blog have been pretty sparse. That’s coming to a close. I am parting ways with Spinfuel eMagazine as a full time staff writer and, although I’ll miss being a full time part of that fantastic organization, I feel that this is the best way forward for me at this time.

I’ll continue to post eliquid and hardware reviews just as I did before; however, this does mean just as I did before. It was truly a wonderful thing to receive eliquids and hardware essentially for free (in exchange for review) but, while I’ll continue to review vaping products, I also have other projects in mind.

So, next up from me, look for 46th & Mercury to finally be finished, as well as other projects in the horror, fantasy/adventure and speculative fiction genres.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.


  • Why, oh why, would you leave a paying gig?


    • John Castle

      The publisher turned out to be a complete… poke in the finger with a needle. Besides, I have other work lined up. I wouldn’t just bail on it without something else to move to.


  • Sorry… had to giggle @, “…turned out to be a complete…. poke in the finger w/ a needle.” Such a nice, classy way to put that. lol Having no knowledge of, personally…. as a 2+ year vaper who followed’ most of the (100% positive) articles/reviews there (well, read them at least) .. I get ‘cha loud & clear. Some, have an ability to interpret things about people, even via text, based on their writing style… & that being said, pretty sure that there statement of yours, was WAY more deserving of an exclamation point. =P Live longER & vape on!

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