Two By Five (Pawns)

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  • You aren’t wrong on the price point of Five Pawns. But it’s a brand that does what it does so well that a budget readjustment was a simple matter for me to give the sampler a shot.

    Bowden’s Mate, its nose had me expecting menthol—I hadn’t read descriptions at the point—so when I loaded a dripper and suddenly, thin mints, I was amazed.

    I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Grandmaster as much as I do; I think it’s the salted note in the peanut butter that got me. It’s actually rich and savory.

    It’s nice to see a review that isn’t obsessed with the price. You’d be shocked how few I’ve seen.


    • John Castle

      Thanks for that feedback, AkephalonMuse. Yes, it’s absolutely true — Five Pawns is no lightweight on the wallet — but, on the other hand, at $40, a bottle is no more outrageous, really, than dropping a Benjamin for a really fine whisky.

      And that’s how an admittedly expensive eliquid should be treated — like a fine whisky. You save it for special occasions. Taking your new romantic interest out on that first date? There’s an occasion. Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? There’s another occasion.

      These liquids may be too rich for my blood MOST of the year, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their times and places — and that’s why I bring them to my readers.


      • Precisely. I’m an admitted foodie—I’be fallen down the rabbit hole of soda making and home brewing kombucha is next—and I have often considered what vape flavors could go with what meals. The old wine budget has gone to eliquid instead, and I’m slowly building a stack of after-meal combinations—Gambit, which is an apple pie a la mode with unsweetened vanilla whipped cream and cinnamon sort of thing, is wonderful after meaty meals with a light citrus drink.


      • John Castle

        I think, then, that you’ll really enjoy the next article in this miniseries, which will concern itself with Food and Vape pairings.


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