Review: Sir Walter Scott’s “Mull Of Oa”

Mr. Snuff Says: Mull of Oa is a dark, rich, moist, peaty snuff cased with Islay malt whisky.”

SWScott Oa 50g big


The way I review snuffs is distantly similar to the way I review eliquids, but follows a markedly different scheme. Instead of Appearance, Nose, Vapor, Throat hit, and Flavor — 

It’s Nose, Color, Grind, Burn, and Rush.

So let’s begin!

The first hint of a quality snuff, on opening the tin, is the nose. It reaches right out to you, works its way into your nostrils, and that’s how it introduces itself. The nose on Mull of Oa is intensely and immediately an overwhelming reminder of Scotch. And a good Scotch, too, all smoke and peat and wood and — let’s not bullshit, here — just a touch of manure — and the deep, dark woods. This is no dainty and delicate pinch for the ladies; this is a man’s snuff. On the color, this snuff is likewise deep and dark. If it’s any shade lighter than pitch black, it’s too subtle a difference for me to pick out. When it comes to the grind, this one is rough, pretty much a rappee, so you will need quite a bit more force on the sniff to get this one where you want it to go, certainly compared to a high and dry Irish Toast.

Now let’s talk about the burn — and we’d better, because if I don’t, then I’m not doing right by my readers. The burn of Mull Of Oa is intense. It doesn’t come on right away, as a Toast would, but it builds up — and then it keeps building up — and then it keeps building up. This is another reason why this snuff is not for the delicate. The burn on this is strong and even I, after having acclimated to it (in my opinion, anyway) still find myself with watering eye and runny nose after taking a good pinch. Now, I’ve learned to like that, but for those who haven’t, this pinch may not be for you.

Now on to the rush. Will this satisfy a nicotine craving? You bet your arse, it will. If you can handle the price of the burn, this will keep you wickedly satiated, nicotine-wise, for hours. 

Now, snuff isn’t for everybody. It’s hard to get, and it’s hard to take, but it’s also good for that exact reason. It’s so rare in the U.S. that the nannies haven’t caught on to it yet. They’re not trying to ban it or tax it or restrict it, any of their usual shit. And it works. It satisfies.

So when I can’t vape, I take a pinch. You might find it worth looking into, as well. And I’ll keep bringing you reviews of good stuff to look into.


  • Hey just wanted to give you a brieff heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different intsrnet browsers and both show
    the same results.


    • John Castle

      Well, that’s severely weird. Which browsers, and which posts? I use Safari 7.0.3 and don’t have any problems. Let me take a look at it in Chrome and see what happens.


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