Review: Butt-Out’s “Major Munch”

Major Munch 250x250

Here we are again with another review of an eliquid from Butt-Out, who are without a doubt my favorite local vendor. As you can see, “Major Munch” also bears the name of a local metal band on its label: Downhill Trend.

That’s because Butt-Out’s “Metal Line” is branded as supporting local-area musicians. Aside from the branding, the label also declares the nicotine strength (mine is 24mg or 2.4%), the ingredients (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings) and a warning to keep this stuff away from the youngsters.

Appearance-wise, Major Munch is fairly ordinary — a medium saddle tan in color, it’s clean and clear, with no particulates and no occlusion of any kind. The rotational test shows me fairly thick but even rippling, so although no PG/VG ratio is listed on the bottle, I’d peg it somewhere around 50/50.

The nose gives the first clue that “Major Munch” is really an alias for another, ahem, military individual with an alliterative title. I get milk, sugar, and a fusion of marshmallow and candied fruit flavors on the nose. Smells like breakfast cereal, is what I’m getting at, and it really takes me back to Saturday mornings around Nineteen-Eighty-Somethingorother.

The vapor from Major Munch is really, really nice — density and volume going on here. For you cloud chasers with the quad-micro- or nanocoil setups, this is your eliquid just on visual vapor output alone. The flavor carriage on the vapor is pretty serious, too, but since it carries the flavor profile described for the nose, nobody’s going to gripe — they’ll probably just get nostalgic and ask you to put on some cartoons.

Throat hit on this is, likewise, really, really nice. I get a good, solid thump deep in the back of the throat with every drag of this. All this is really testament to Butt-Out having found that Just Right PG/VG ratio. I’m still betting 50/50.

And then that flavor — delivers every ounce of what the nose promises. Sweetened milk and that amazing fusion of marshmallow and fruit, with just a hint of grain cereal coming in right at the tail end of the exhale. 

At $25.00 for a 30ml, this one is a little steeper than some — but it’s worth every penny, and every sale supports independent music.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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