News Bite: San Francisco Set To Screw Its Constituents



Nothing so entertains (and infuriates) me as a governmental or paragovernmental entity which insists on treating vaping like smoking. Despite the fact that the composition of what’s being inhaled by a vaper could not possibly be more dissimilar from what a smoker inhales — despite the fact that the level of health risk of vaping has been shown to be equivalent to inhaling someone else’s bad breath — despite all the studies that have already arrived and that only continue to accumulate, month after month, demonstrating conclusively that vaping is no worse for the vaper than breathing outdoor air, let alone anyone around the vaper — they still have to regulate the shit out of it.

They can’t not, you see. Folks, these are people for whom minding other peoples’ business is a compulsion bordering on a mania. At this point, I don’t believe we’re dealing with mentally balanced individuals when we deal with the nicotine-prohibitionists. I mean that. If they get to trot out the Precautionary Principle to flog vapers with every fucking day, then I say it’s tit-for-tat time, and I’m going to do the same goddamned thing: There is no evidence, at this time, that these people are right in the head.

Our latest example, as you probably surmised from the title and from the fancy graphic above, comes from the “City By The Bay”. Allow me to quote from the article I saw in my newsfeed this morning from The Inquisitr:


Following in the footsteps of New York’s former Mayor Bloomberg, San Francisco Supervisors plan to announce Monday morning a proposal to add e-cigarettes to restrictions already in place against tobacco smoking. The measure is at least partially motivated by concerns that teens are being targeted by companies, while the jury is out on the safety of e-cigarettes.


No, the jury is not out on the safety of e-cigarettes. The verdict came in months ago, and more evidence just keeps accumulating, year after month after week. Studies have already been done, with those findings supported and reinforced by even more studies, and still more studies are ongoing. Vaping is safe. (A caveat: Inhaling anything other than pure air into your lungs is “risky.” But vaping is no more risky than inhaling outdoor air — or indoor air tainted by so much as the breath of another human being.)


San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar sponsors the ordinance, citing “exponential” growth in the popular device among young people and tactics such as adding cotton candy and other flavors to attract new users. The father of a teenage daughter sees the media as “normalizing the smoking after several decades of anti-tobacco work to keep cigarettes out of television ads and magazines,” and wants San Francisco to restrict access to the devices.


Well, Mr. Mar can “cite” anything he fucking wants to, can’t he? I can cite unicorns fucking on the median for the number of freeway fatalities in California. We can both cite shit all fucking day long. But I have a feeling that neither myself nor Mr. Mar could actually produce a source for either of those wild bullshit claims. And — newsflash to Mr. Mar — you know what else is cotton candy flavored and produces zero health benefits and also potential health risks to minors? Cotton fucking candy.

And since San Francisco is trotting out tired old bullshit, let me trot out some of my own: What about cotton candy flavored vodka? More generally, what about any kind of alcoholic beverage that comes in any flavor other than Ass? Are we as worried about that as we are about kids using a nicotine delivery system that, as it turns out, doesn’t even deliver any measurable level of nicotine?


San Francisco is the latest in a string of municipalities aiming to regulate electronic cigarettes. Los Angeles is working on restrictions, following in the footsteps of Chicago and New York City.



Restrictions proposed for San Francisco would amend the City’s health code, requiring a tobacco permit to sell the e-cigarettes and prohibiting their sale in places where tobacco sales are already prohibited. “Vaping,” the term used for inhaling the vapors as opposed to smoking, would be prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited.


First of all, requiring a tobacco permit to begin with is some authoritarian bullshit. Second, requiring a tobacco permit to sell a product which does not contain any tobacco is fucking insane. It’s like requiring a business to get a liquor license to sell fucking root beer just because the product has “beer” in its name.

Second, nothing about this is any government’s fucking business. And even more insane than their insistence that it is, is our acceptance of their claim that it is.

Charles Connor, who is the former President and CEO of the American Lung Association, seems to be on the same page:


“Above all else, the role of our government should be to further advance the nation’s efforts to reduce the harm and death toll caused by combustible tobacco products… Electronic cigarettes are poised to revolutionize the tobacco industry by one day making traditional cigarettes obsolete. By impulsively and inaccurately lumping vaping in with traditional cigarette smoking, a ban on these game-changing devices will discourage other smokers from trying a positive alternative.”


Mr. Connor, you just nailed it so hard. That’s exactly the situation we’re facing. We have these cities — Chicago, New York, and now San Francisco — pretending to be interested in the health of their constituents. But not the smokers. Not the people looking for a realistic and viable alternative to combustible tobacco products.

Because what these nanny assholes are really about is what they’ve really been about all along. They’re about profiting from addiction. They’re about maintaining control over your life and your decisions. And when an “out” comes along that makes it possible for you to escape their control and deny them blood money? They freak. That’s what they’re doing. They are in a fucking delirium over vaping, because it gives you a way to not die early and at the same time not allow them to profit from your early death.


So how do you like that, San Francisco? The conclusion is clear and basically irrefutable. Your politicians would rather see you die than let you escape addiction to traditional smoking. If it’s up to them, they would rather you keep smoking and die early just so they get your dollars through tobacco taxes.

How d’ya like them apples?

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

(Quoted content used under the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act, 1974)

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