Microsoft OneNote for Mac: The Future Of Desktop Notation?






Now that Microsoft has unleashed OneNote for free across a plethora of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and OSX, I had to dive in and give it a test drive, particularly for the purpose of comparing it against the reigning platform-agnostic notation champion, Evernote. What did I discover? Well, I discovered some strengths and some weaknesses when it comes to the new contender.

A New (And Old) Notation Paradigm: One of the biggest strengths of OneNote in comparison to Evernote is the visual layout. For example, in Evernote, each note is contained within its own notebook, and related notebooks can be contained within Stacks. Like this:

Evernote 1

While that’s useful on the “organizing your notebooks” front, it’s not quite as smooth when it comes to actively editing what’s in your notebooks — that is, working with multiple notes in multiple notebooks with great speed and agility.

OneNote’s layout is. Take a look:


That’s not just a single note there at my fingertips — it’s the equivalent of an entire Evernote Stack worth of notes, all accessible from the same window. It’s a recent advertising copy project for an eliquid vendor called Juggz Juice. Each of the tabs organized horizontally along the top of the input window is a separate “notebook” (in Evernote parlance) for each of the individual eliquids, while the sidebar oriented vertically on the right contains a the several different “pages” (“notes” a la Evernote) I’m using in order to flesh out the narrative idea I want to create for each liquid.

What about switching between Notebooks (a.k.a. Stacks)? It’s as simple as invoking a drop-down menu by clicking the title of the Notebook you’re using, like so:



Some of you may remember a post of mine, a very long time ago now, in which a contender called Google Keep came along looking to unseat Evernote from the throne. What I said was that Google Keep is not an Evernote killer. And it’s not.

But now that it has expanded to platform-agnosticism and comes in at the asking price of absolutely free, Microsoft OneNote just might be. I’m pretty excited, frankly, to see what the Evernote team does about it. Competition breeds excellence, and for the first time ever, Evernote is facing some very credible competition.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to support this blog; do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.




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