B.R.V. — Bottle Ready to Vape — Six Eliquids Review

BRV Review



Bottle Ready to Vape is a line of eliquids created to support one of the best philanthropic endeavors I can imagine. Now, I’m tempted to give these liquids a fond eye for that reason alone; however, that’s not how I like to do things.

I mention this because I know that if I was the one reading this review instead of writing it, one of my first concerns would be, “Well, this guy just likes what the creator of these eliquids is doing, and it’s coloring his opinions of the liquids themselves.” I’d like to take a moment to assure you that that is not the case here, nor will it ever be the case when I review a line of liquids.

Second note: Im a personal acquaintance of the creator of B.R.V. and the founder of the Vape-A-Vet Project, Mr. Will Cohen. Now, the reason that matters is that I want to make it known that Will did not ask me to review these. In fact, although he has given his permission for a review to be done, he did so reluctantly because we know each other and, its my guess, he didnt want my readers to get the mistaken impression that his liquids will get an uncritical positive review on that basis. Thats not the case  if I like these, it will be for the same reason that I like any liquid  it gives a good vape.


The Cause

So what am I referring to when I mention that there’s a philanthropic endeavor that’s supported by this line of liquids? Simply this: A portion of the proceeds from every sale of liquids in this lineup goes to support the Vape-A-Vet Project.

Vape-A-Vet is a campaign to supply military servicemembers with the initial hardware and eliquid needed to help them transition from smoking to vaping. It’s as simple as that. Every bottle of B.R.V. eliquid you buy helps to bring a military man or woman out from under the shadow of tobacco addiction and into the safer (and let us not forget more enjoyable and satisfying) world of vaping.


Testing Notes

The hardware used to test these liquids was a SMOKtech Galileo mechanical mod powered by an 18500 battery and driving a Kidney Puncher Long-Barrel 510 dripping atomizer.

The liquids I tested were 18mg strength, with a PG/VG ratio that I don’t know with any exactness but which I believe is either 70/30 or 80/20 favoring PG. These liquids are available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg nicotine strengths.


Presentation and Common Attributes

What we’re looking at here are 30ml amber glass bottles with pipette (“dripper”) caps. There’s nothing ostentatious happening with these bottles; no unconventional shape, no fancy gewgaws on the bottle’s collar. Just function dictating form, and that strikes me as being just fine.

The labeling is a little more colorful, though not distractingly or unpleasantly so. The “header” location is reserved for the branding — “B.R.V.” with the subtitle “Bottle Ready to Vape.” Centered in the background is the Vape-A-Vet logo, with the name of the respective eliquids superimposed over that. The “footer” area is home to the listing for the nicotine strength, underneath which is listed the B.R.V. web address.

The left border is home to a brief but sufficient ingredients list, while the right bears a warning that the product may contain nicotine and should be kept out of reach of children.

In all, the presentation of the liquids strikes me as minimalistic but thorough, and speaks of a product which exists to perform a function with no time or art wasted on frivolousness.


Common Attributes:


I’ve decided, starting with this review, that when I review multiple entries in a lineup of eliquids that when two or more of those entries have identical performance on certain attributes, such as visual vapor output and/or throat hit, that I’ll be placing my evaluation of those attributes up front. It saves you and I both time that way — as opposed to me basically restating the same evaluation for more than one liquid and you having to read what is basically the same thing said a few different ways. With that said, the visual vapor output and throat hit on every one of the following liquids are identical. Let’s touch on the visual output first.

The vapor from B.R.V. liquids comes with a thick, big body that dissipates quickly even in placid indoor air. While the main body dissipates quickly, it does leave behind a few wisps that last a second longer.

Flavor carriage in the vapor is strong, but likewise fades quickly along with the vapor. There is a moderate cumulative effect if the liquid is vaped for an extended period of time. However, because none of the B.R.V. liquids carries any tobacco flavor notes whatsoever, you should be able to vape these liquids with confidence around nonsmokers.

Throat hit is strong with these liquids, but — using the hardware I have available — not quite deep enough to be called a lung hit. The characteristic feeling I get from a drag of these liquids is strong but not abrupt — not so much a “smack” as a “firm push” at the back of the throat. Additionally, the throat hit remains comfortable over extended periods of time without leading to a dry or scratchy throat as some lesser liquids do after an hour or so.

Now let’s move on to the individual liquids.


Air Pear

Air Pear wb


B.R.V. Liquids Says: It’s like having a ripe juicy pear air dropped on your taste buds.”


In hue, Air Pear is a pale, pale platinum. So take note: If you’re filling a clearomizer with this liquid, keep a sharp eye on the fill line. Rotational test shows this liquid to possess a strong VG component, possibly as high as 40% but certainly 30% at least.

The nose on this liquid is strongly of pear, but not as strongly so as other pear-based flavors I’ve tried. Still, you won’t be left in the dark on a blind test as to what the flavor is going to be here.

Now onward to that flavor: It’s significantly stronger with the pear notes than the nose might lead you to expect — in addition, there’s a little hint of bubblegum lurking way in the background here.

Overall, the sensation I get from a drag of Air Pear is that the only thing missing is the feel of sinking my teeth into the meaty pulp of a fresh pear.


Care Package

Care Package wb


B.R.V. Liquids Says: “A mixture of tropical fruits with a smooth creamy base.”


The hue of Care Package is, just as with Air Pear, almost entirely clear. So, as with Air Pear, you’d best fill carefully with this one.

The nose on Care Package matches the flavor nicely, and in both cases, we’re dealing with some serious pineapple. Care package delivers massive pineapple flavor, along with coconut and a hint of kiwi.

This one is absolutely going to be an ADV come the heat of late May through early September.


Chesty’s Punch

Chestys Punch wb


B.R.V. Liquid Says: “Sweet, tangy, and delicious! Best served from a small paper cup!”


This one is completely clear, without the slightest hint of coloration whatsoever. Exercise extreme care when filling this one into a clearomizer. I’ll dispense with notes on the rotational test from here on out, since this liquid and all the others tested so far show a similar result which indicates at minimum a 30% VG component.

The nose on Chesty’s Punch is, shall we say, quite Hawai’ian. Very much a tropical fruit medley happening on the nose here, very pleasant.

The flavor on the inhale definitely reflects this — all manner of tropical fruits melding and dancing together to present a strength of fruit punch deliciousness. On the exhale, though, I get a slightly different vibe, one that’s redolent of lime green dentist lollipop.

Now, that’s not a bad thing — in fact, I quite enjoy it — but it is more than a little unexpected from the description alone. If you like fruit punch and lime lollipop, though, you’re gonna love this vape.


Colonel Custard

Colonels Custard wb


B.R.V. Liquid Says: A deliciously sweet high ranking custard.”


In hue, Colonel Custard is absolutely clear. Where we get to something new with this one is that this is one of only two offerings from B.R.V. that is non-fruit-based. As the name and description make abundantly clear, this is custard — but it’s the nose that makes it abundantly clear just how strongly we’re speaking of custard.

This isn’t some weak tea vanilla-custard-like experience — this is the whole monty, all up on ya with a strong smoothness. There’s not a lot else I can think of to say about this one. This is the full flavor of custard turned up to 11.


Pogey Bait

Pogey Bait wb


B.R.V. Liquid Says: “A delicious, yet not too sweet, chocolatey blend.”


This one’s a sight easier, if you’ll pardon the choice of words, to keep track of when filling a clearomizer, thanks to its pastel bronze hue. This is another vape from B.R.V. that’s pure, uncomplicated, and straight to the point.

And the point here is chocolate. Smooth, rich, dark chocolate — not as sweet as candy, nor bitter like baker’s chocolate, but right at a pleasing middle ground between the two. Inhale to exhale, that’s all Pogey Bait is about, so if you’ve got a craving for just-right, unadulterated chocolate, this is your vape.


Shore Leave

Shore Leave wb


B.R.V. Liquids Says: “A blend of sweet and tart fruits.”


Shore Leave is an interesting concoction from beginning to finish. Like a few of the others in the lineup, it’s clear as mountain water. Now, here’s where it gets weird:

The component flavors in this one are so complimentary to one another, and so well blended, that I honestly can only guess at what those component flavors are. I get subtle hints of raspberry, blueberry, mango, and papaya, or maybe it’s kiwi, but I would not put money on the table betting about any of them.

The one thing I am sure about with this one is that it’s a very solid vape — I may not know exactly what flavors are going into it, but I know without a doubt that I like the combination quite a lot.


Recommendation and Conclusion

Would I recommend B.R.V. liquids? Maybe I should rephrase that question just a little, so — Take Two: Without knowing about the cause that sales of these liquids support, would I recommend these liquids?

Absolutely, yes. I have before, and I’ll continue to do so. Knowing that sales go to support a cause like Vape-A-Vet is just icing on the cake. So the next question is this: How much, what size, and where can you get ‘em?


The whole lineup can be had for $17.76 per 30ml at Tucson Vape Escape.

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