FDA “Deeming Regulations” And You




So the FDA has handed down its “Deeming Regulations”, and the thing is, they don’t seem all that bad. You can’t sell to minors (not that anybody was.) You have to list a nicotine content warning and an ingredients list (not that anybody wasn’t.) They’re “not” banning anything, including tasty vape flavors — except, here’s the problem:

Every. Single. Thing. that any eliquid or hardware producer sells, going back to 2007, has to be subjected to FDA approval. And just to apply for approval costs seriously big bucks and takes forever, at best.

Does any of you really understand what that means? Let’s take just one company, Johnson Creek, as an example. Johnson Creek’s Vea hardware didn’t exist back in ’07. Some of their eliquids did, but not the Kiln House line of tobacco flavors, for example.

So now Johnson Creek has to apply for approval, not on the Vea as a system, for a separate approval for the battery, for the cartomizers, for the clearomizers, for the charger, for the Valet cartomizer refilling accessory, et fuckin’ cetera.

And for every single eliquid they released in the last half of 2007 forward. And it’s thousands of dollars for each and every application. And the FDA can deny those applications for no reason what. So. Ever.

So this is the end of vaping. Here it is. It’s done, kaput, over with.


Unless you, me, and everyone you know speaks up, right now, and FIGHTS it.


So it’s time to stand up and fight. It’s time to make your voice heard. First step? Join CASAA. Do it right fucking now.


Second step? Email and/or call your Senator and Representative in Congress.


Third and final step? If worse comes to worst, break the law. A law created with the purpose of keeping you on a fast track to death just to keep money flowing out of your wallet is an unjust law, and it is not just your right but your duty to break unjust laws.

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