Smoking Versus Vaping: Here’s The Difference

Smoke v vapor difference

Let me introduce you to Erik Colvin. Mr. Colvin recently uploaded a video to YouTube which, in my opinion, provides us with an excellent and graphic illustration of the difference between smoking combustible cigarettes and vaping eliquid. There are literally over a dozen academic studies out there which show the differences in the form of raw numerical data, theoretical this, and experimental that…

But if you want something that will show you, in terms that your eyes and your gut can grasp in an instant, what the difference is… this video is it. Watch, gag, and learn:


Christ. And this, ladies and gentlemen, ruffians and girls, is what the FDA and Big Pharma would like to step in and meddle with. They’d rather you smoke, and for what reason?

Simple. If you smoke, Tobacco companies and governments make money. If you try and fail to quit, Pharmaceutical companies and governments make money.

And that’s all it’s about for them. That’s all it’s ever been about for them. They would rather that you die young, as long as they get your money, than see you live and do without it.

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