Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod Review

K100 Review


In my review of the SMOK Galileo, I actually recommended the Kamry K100 over that device. Having owned two K101s in the past, and having donated them to others who I felt could benefit from a solid and reliable mechanical, I was already in a very good position to know from experience which of the two is the superior product.

But I’ve never done a proper review of this device — until today. In this post, I’ll review the features, specs, build quality and just plain usability of this device. Before we get to that, though, a few prefatory notes.

The Kamry K100 is basically a clone of the Empire mod, but with one absolutely crucial difference that, in my opinion, actually makes it better than the device it’s patterned after: While the Empire mod employs a 901 connection, the K100 uses the far more standardized 510.

It also bears mention that the K100 and the Kamry K101 are, for all intents and purposes, exactly the same device, with the exception of the very minor cosmetic differences in their outer tubes. Literally every other component of the two designs is identical, so what’s true of the K100 is also true of the K101.

With all that out of the way, let’s get down to specifics, shall we?


Specs & Features

Kamry 100 4 774x735

Let’s take this from the top. As mentioned, the K100 sports a 510 connection, making it compatible with… well, damn near everything. But it also sports eGo threads, which means it’s also compatible with most eGo-threaded clearomizers and the larger cartomizers such as the SMOK Mega dual coil. I have it on good authority, however, that some eGo-threaded clearomizers may require a 510-to-eGo adapter; for example, the Kanger T3 series clearomizers, such as the T3S would fall into this category.

The K100 also sports an eGo “transition ring” or “beauty ring”, which is not only vented for airflow but also entirely removable. This makes using those eGo-threaded clearomizers which are compatible with the connection not just frustration-free but a real pleasure.

Continuing on, the main body of the device is your fairly standard telescopic variety. One nice touch found on the K100 that isn’t seen on many other devices of this type, however, is additional safety venting at the base of the inner telescopic tube. Another is the ability of the tube to accommodate a Kick or, better yet, a Kick 2 module even with a battery as large as an 18650; the K100 will accommodate 18xxx series batteries from 18350 all the way to 18650, with or without a Kick.

EDIT: Update and correction. 

The K100/K101 will accept a Kick or Kick 2 with batteries up to 18500 only. That was entirely an error on my part, and I’d like to take this opportunity to correct and apologize for that error.

Additionally, a… thing developed which you need to be aware of when using this device with a Kick or Kick 2 drop-in module:

It is possible, when removing the Kick or Kick 2, for the drop-in module’s contact pins to become lodged in one or more of the venting holes on the device’s inner telescopic tube. I didn’t mention this at the original time of posting this review for the simple fact that, at the time, I had no idea that such a thing could even happen. But it can. So if you do use the K100/K101 with a Kick 2, take special precautions to avoid orienting the Kick 2 anywhere near the venting holes of the interior telescoping tube.


Moving down to the firing assembly, we find a more budget-conscious spring-actuated firing button, additional safety venting ports, and a rotating locking ring. As with most locking rings, the user rotates the ring counterclockwise into its lowered and locked position; to unlock the device, simply rotate the ring clockwise to raise it up and out of the way of the firing button.


Build Quality

K100 blue 600x600

For such a budget-friendly mechanical, the K100 is an absolutely superb device where build quality is concerned. Part of the reason for that, in my opinion, is its outstanding simplicity. There’s no fancy engraving, not a bell nor a whistle to be seen. Owing to that, there’s simply nothing to get wrong.

With a battery installed, there’s no rattle, no play, just serious solidity. The colored finish on the textured grip (blue, in the case of the device on my desk as I write this) is deep and lustrous. The threads, from connector to locking ring, are smooth and sure-footed.

The action on the firing button is likewise buttery smooth, and although the pressure required to actuate the button is greater than on some devices I’ve handled, the travel is pleasantly short. Power delivery from a fully charged battery is more than adequate, and power falloff as the battery depletes, while noticeable, is slight, gradual, and never cause for irritation.


Real World Performance

Kamry k101 body purple 00185 1375136024 1280 1280 500x500

So how does the K100 fare in the wild? Extremely well. Both of the K101s I eventually donated to friends to kickstart their adventures with mechanical mods served me well on the long haul, and I expect the same to be true of the K100 sitting beside my keyboard now.

The comfortable ergonomics, compact size, and efficient battery use of this design makes it ideal for fitting with an 18650 battery, then pairing with a large-capacity clearomizer like the Kanger Aerotank Mega or Aspire Nautilus for extended use away from home. It’s equally comfortable in the hand, if even more compact, when packing an 18350 and sporting an X.Jet Spider or Kanger Aerotank Mini.

At home, it pairs beautifully with rebuildables like the HCigar clone of the Grand Vapor Trident, as mine is at this very moment. The power delivery from the K100 really does a service to any rebuildable you care to attach to it, while its compact and solid design makes taking it out on the town absolutely stress-free.


Recommendation & Conclusion

What more can I say by way of a recommendation than that I’ve already recommended this device over another device, in that other device’s own review? Its very understated good looks, its rock solid durability, its extreme flexibility in battery and drop-in module accommodation, and its perfectly consistent power delivery make this a device worth twice its average asking price.

I just can’t recommend the K100 strongly enough, both as a first time device for those just cutting their teeth on mechanical mods and as a main device for long time mech users.

You can get the K100 and K101, depending on your cosmetic preference, online at MyVaporStore starting at $32.87, and at roughly $33 from Phoenix area Butt-Out retail locations:


708 E. Virginia Ave. in Phoenix

 401 S. Mill Ave., #106 in Tempe

 6610 N. 47th Ave., #5 in Glendale



  • K100 is my favorite mechanical mod. When I am going to buy another Mechanical mod. It will be another true kamry K100 color. I have gold one. Thank You for the detail information


  • I’m a big fan of the authentic k100 mod but only if setup is right. It’s proven to be all the power I will ever need paired with an NXJO high drain battery and a good quality coil build in my wotofo rda. If you aren’t dripping then don’t buy this mod. Before I started dripping I had it hooked to a protank and got a lot of grief but that was mainly because all tanks suck and are unreliable. I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone who has graduated to a dripper.


  • I just purchased one of these from My Vapor Store june 2015, my batteries Tenergy 18650 do not fit, the tube is too narrow, The Tenergy 18650 batteries fit in the Kamery k100’s that I bought a couple of years ago. I tried four different brands of 18650 batteries, two fit and two did not. I tried forcing on of the Tenergy batteries in and it caught fire, because it scraped the sidewall of the battery. So be aware this new design has a narrower battery tube.


    • John Castle

      Note to my readers: Do not, under ANY circumstances, attempt to force a battery into a metal enclosure too narrow for it. Battery safety is your responsibility. Be responsible.


  • dave random

    Just bought this k100 today. Not my first Vapor device (tried vuse e_cig with the lame over priced cartridges/ damn thing quit working 4th day i had it ) Entire reason why i bought this was because i was spending almost 300$ a month on smokes. Cost me 32$ + tax and another 25$ for a areotank V2 clear atomizer.

    Had major problems with the tank at first. Seems it doesn’t like “Thin” fluids.. But for the past few hours its been working great for me. will update at end of month with more thoughts etc.

    Thanks for the review


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