Bird’s Nest Elixirs: Three New Eliquids




Having previously reviewed Bird’s Nest Elixirs’ first four flavors — Fanfare, Lyric, Maestro, and Uproar — I was just itchin’ to try their next three. Robin O’Connor, founder, proprietor, and mixologist at Bird’s Nest Elixirs has graciously made that happen, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her sincerely for providing the three flavors I’m about to review for you.

Additionally — and I’ll reiterate this in the conclusion of this review just so that you’re double-sure to remember — Bird’s Nest Elixirs offers something which no other eliquid producer I’m aware of does:

A discount for repeat customers who step down from stronger to milder nicotine levels in their eliquid order. That’s right — place an order for your eliquid in your usual nicotine strength of choice; when the next order is for a lower-strength eliquid, you get 10% off. Now that’s one hell of an idea — incentivizing the stepping down process.


Testing Notes


Each of the three liquids in this review was tested in the HCigar Trident equipped with a single four-wrap coil with Ekowool wick, powered by the Kamry K100 mechanical mod outputting a standard 3.7 volts.

Additionally, each of the three liquids under review arrived in 12mg nicotine strength and features a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.





Bird’s Nest Elixirs Says

A fruity sweet blend of Pear, coconut and honey that has a light and airy quality about it while still giving a very full level of satisfaction.  Try this Spinfuel choice award winner for yourself and see why so many enjoy this delightful concoction!




In appearance, Harmony is a very pale greenish gold in hue. A shake test reveals that it is nimble and leaves little to no film behind its passage, while the rotational test shows an extremely even horizon with, surprisingly, almost no ripple pattern. This surprised me due to its 50/50 PG/VG ratio — typically, I would have expected a stronger ripple pattern for a liquid with that much VG in its composition.




I get a much more subdued nose from Harmony than I have from any other Bird’s Nest Elixirs flavor, including the four I originally reviewed back in March. All of Bird’s Nest’s other flavors seem to just leap out of the bottle when I sample the nose — not Harmony; Harmony is very relaxed.

What I do get is exactly what the description promises — ripe, organic pear and a sweetness that is unmistakably honey. I have to admit that I was just a touch skeptical, going forward from that very subtle nose. I was pleasantly surprised.




The vapor from Harmony comes through with pleasantly solid clouds — each cloud displays a wickedly dense core with a fine showing of lace. The flavor carriage is commensurate with the subtlety of the nose — the most even a long session of heavy vaping will impart to a room is an exceedingly faint spirit of pear.


Throat Hit


While the nose may be ghostly subtle, the throat hit with Harmony is anything but. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a brute; no, what I mean is that, based on the nose, I was almost expecting weak tea, and that’s not what I got.

Instead, I was very pleasantly surprised to feel a rock solid thump; as is true of the premium status of Bird’s Nest’s liquids, though, it was smooth and entirely without the dryness or harshness of lesser liquids.




The flavor of Harmony is as strong as the nose is subtle. On the inhale, the pear is the dominant flavor, with the sugary sweetness of the honey joining it as the halfway point is reached. The honey blossoms fully on the exhale, with the synthesis graduating back to pear for a long finish.




PastedGraphic 1


Bird’s Nest Elixirs Says

“This is our mysterious and decadent dessert flavor.  We can tell you that it is warm, saweet, and creamy… but we don’t want to give away too much.  There are 7 ingredients in this very dreamy elixir, and you will likely find it to be hauntingly familiar.  We are very pleased to finally be able to offer this Spinfuel Choice Award winner to our loyal customers.” 




The hue of Reverie is a delightfully deep hue on the rust side of amber. You’ll have no trouble at all monitoring your fill line in a clearo or carto with this one.

The movement is as nimble as its siblings throughout Bird’s Nest’s lineup, so I think we’ll just leave off with this one regarding notes about the motion properties of these liquids from here on out.




Now, the nose is where the mystery of this flavor’s profile starts to come into play for good and true. I detect a very definite note of cocoa — not chocolate, mind you, but cocoa, only semisweet. I also pick up cream, though more custard-like than vanilla, because along with the sweetness there’s just a touch of savory and the barest razor’s-edge of bitter.

Finally, there’s a certain bakery element to the nose of Reverie, specifically along the lines of the middle ground between sugar cookie and graham cracker.

When Bird’s Nest Elixirs mentions a “hauntingly familiar dessert”, I believe I know exactly which dessert that is; but I’m going to leave you in suspense about that until we get to the flavor, because that’s where the identity of that mystery dessert just leaped right out at me — and I wasn’t the only one to come up with the name, either.




Visually, all of Bird’s Nest Elixirs’ liquids exhibit consistently solid visual output, across the board, and Reverie is no exception to the rule, so we’ll leave off that part.

What really sets the individual flavors apart, Reverie included, is the unique degree and nature of the scent carried through in the vapor. Reverie’s vapor flavor carriage is subtle but incredibly agreeable. Vape Reverie in a small to medium sized enclosed room for 20 to 30 minutes, and anyone who walks in would swear that you’ve been creating one of the most delectable dessert treats they’ve ever caught the scent of.



Throat Hit


The throat hit of Reverie is modulated by the savory sweet flavor; though it comes on strong even at a “mere” 12mg, the feel of that throat hit is really more of a sensation of “filling” than a “thump.”

As I inhale this, I get a feeling, starting at the back of the throat, that is more like swallowing a bite of something firm but soft, and the longer the inhale, the further down into the lungs that feeling of “filling” reaches.

At first reflection, I almost called the throat hit on this liquid “light” for that reason; but while that might be technically accurate — I’m sure other liquids, such as Verses, would have the same sensation if the “thump” weren’t intense enough to satisfy more quickly and end the inhale — it doesn’t really fully convey the sensation.

I think the right word, rather than “light”, is gentle.




As promised, we arrive at the flavor of Reverie. And, wow, what a flavor. The cocoa, graham, and cream come through good and strong, along with a couple of other components that I didn’t detect on the nose and can’t immediately identify.

What I can tell you is what they combine to remind me of, personally, and this might be the hauntingly familiar dessert the description promises — I could be wrong, but…


I get a very strong sense of having taken a bite of tiramisu when I take a long, satisfying drag of Reverie. It’s all there: cocoa, the cream very much reminiscent of mascarpone, the graham-like cookie, a drizzle of honey, and then those few things extra that I just can’t put names to — it’s all happening, and it’s just plain glorious.



PastedGraphic 2


Bird’s Nest Elixirs Says

Warm and smooth Black Cavendish Tobacco, deep brown sugar, and juicy granny smith apples.  We are confident that our tobaccos are pleasing to tobacco fans as well as those who don’t typically enjoy tobacco flavors and this is no exception.  This flavor is extremely satisfying! Try it for yourself and see!”




The hue of Verses is pure gold, and for a liquid this good, I think that’s just about fitting. As with Reverie, you’ll have no trouble at all monitoring the fill line in any AD you’d care to fill with this liquid.




The nose of Verses is just brimming with ripe, tart green apple. And I’m talking about organic apple — there’s not a trace of candy on the nose here. There’s also, just beneath the apple, the faintly and pleasantly bitter note of that black Cavendish the description speaks of.

I don’t detect the brown sugar on the nose at all, but that’s hardly surprising when I consider just how dominant the first two flavors named tend to be separately, let alone when put into chorus with one another.




The vapor from Verses is powerful when it comes to flavor carriage. Only about five minutes of steadily vaping this liquid produced an instantly noticeable and identifiable scent of “grandpa’s pipe and green apple”, so bear that in mind when vaping Verses in the company of nonsmokers.

It’s unlikely that you’ll hear any complaints — the scent is extremely pleasant and can evoke a sense of nostalgia — but there is always the possibility that when enjoying any vape with a strong tobacco profile, and this has just that, you may hear complaints from the rabidly puritanical. This is definitely among the flavors vulnerable to that potentiality.


Throat Hit


Of the three liquids under review today, Verses is the one that I would characterize as having the most powerful throat hit. As I hope you’ve come to understand by this point, though, I don’t merely mean “strongest” when I say “most powerful.”

All three of these liquids’ throat hit profiles are equally strong, but Verses’ is the most abrupt. It comes on like a good, firm smack right at the back of the throat. With Harmony and Reverie, you can take a good, deep drag and feel the throat hit push or fill the throat. With Verses — and I believe this is primarily due to the robustness of the tobacco in the flavor — the sensation is quite striking.

However, just as with all of Bird’s Nest Elixirs’ offerings, there is no “worn out”, dry, or scratchy feeling imparted by even the most extended of vaping sessions with Verses. Just a good, solid smack of satisfaction that hits the spot every time.




Getting down to business with the flavor, it delivers on the promise of the nose in full, and then some. The black cavendish is dry, strong, and just shy of bitter — the signature of any truly excellent cavendish. This particular component reminds me of Captain Black little cigars, yet with the cleaner, smoother difference that any vape holds over smoking.

The inhale is primarily dominated by that black cavendish along with an ultra-tart fresh Granny Smith. The combination of the two, in lesser hands than those which created it, has the potential to be unpleasantly overwhelming in its fusion of semi-bitter and tart.

But it gracefully sidesteps that thanks to the dark sweetness of molasses, which smooths the inhale wonderfully, then comes to the fore on the exhale, where it lingers through the short finish.

Verses is, without a doubt, a flavor expertly tailored to mature palates.




So to whom would I recommend Harmony, Reverie, and Verses? I can’t think of anyone not to recommend them to. There’s a reason why Bird’s Nest Elixirs has a spot on every page of this site: these are perfectly blended liquids with a lineup broad enough that there’s something for everyone.

For a hot summer’s day, Harmony would be a delicious, calorie-free refreshment. For after dinner, nothing could beat Reverie for dessert. And for putting one’s feet up with a book in hand and an adult beverage at one’s elbow, nothing would make a more pleasant companion than Verses.


You can also try a sampler of the entire lineup here and find your favorite before you commit to a larger size. Or perhaps you feel like diving right in? Check out the full lineup of their elixirs here. And, once again, don’t forget — Bird’s Nest Elixirs offered an unmatched benefit for those who have decided to gradually wean themselves off of the nicotine! 10% off for each order that’s one step down in nicotine strength from the previous order! Can’t beat that!



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