Reeder 2: Return Of The King

Reeder 2




With the death of Google Reader back in July 2013, almost a year ago, many apps that depended on its feed aggregation service went the way of the dodo — one of them was Reeder, an OSX/iOS app which I don’t think it immodest to say frankly was beloved by millions of users.

While Reeder had gone extinct, I myself, along with an army of other users, found an alternative in the combination of the Feedly service and the ReadKit app. And while that combination was certainly… sufficient… it was nowhere near as stable or as elegant a solution as Reeder had been. The elimination of Reeder, not to put too fine a point on it, had left a hole in our newsreading flow, and although there were alternatives, even the very best of them didn’t quite fill the hole that Reeder had left.


The Return Of The King

That’s all changed now, because Reeder is back. Now drawing from Feedly, Feedbin, Fever, NewsBlur, and more, plus native RSS feed capabilities, Reeder 2 is available for the Mac App Store and iOS — this is RSS every bit as good as you remember it, and every bit what we’ve all been missing since the first generation of Reeder went extinct. Google Reader? Who fuckin’ needs it.

Peep this sweet action:

Reeder 2 Fullscreen


Gorgeous. That’s Reeder 2 running on Developer Preview 2 of OSX 10.10 Yosemite. What should that tell you? The devs are thinking future-forward. 

Own a Mac? Do you want Reeder 2? You want Reeder 2. And you can get Reeder 2, right now, from the Mac App Store for $9.99. If you care about news, you want your news delivered smoothly, reliably, and you want it delivered with style. You want Reeder 2.

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