Single Dad Needs Your Help



I had another eliquid review lined up for you, today, Dear Reader — but for a couple of reasons, I’m switching up the program tonight. First, the eliquids in question still don’t have an online storefront just yet, but —

Way more importantly —


This deserves your attention more, right now.


Scott Christian Carr is a good friend of mine and a fellow author. I’ve tried fundraising for my own work — that’s not what Scott is trying to get help with. His cause is miles more worthy than my own ever was.


He’s going through something that, the fewer of us go through it, the better. But there he is, soldiering through it because he has no choice.


We have a choice.


We can help him, and two young sons. Let’s do that. There isn’t much more I can add, because what he’s going through, and more particularly the bravery and the spirit he’s managed to maintain while going through it, robs me of words. Let me turn the link over to you so that you can get the story from the man himself:

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