Big Daddy Vape: “Root Beer Float” and “T-Swizzle”




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Today I’m comin’ at ya with two flavors from another local name in the vape scene, Big Daddy Vape. As I mentioned in the review for Cactus Vapor Supply, they are the mixologists behind the flavors I’ll be reviewing for you today — but these flavors in particular are branded for the retail store that carries them.

Without further preamble, let’s get right into them!


Testing Notes

Both of these liquids were tested on the following hardware: A Kamry K100 packing a Sony VTC4 18650 30amp battery and coupled with the HCigar clone of the Trident V2. The atomizer was equipped with a 0.43 ohm single coil of 24 gauge Kanthal A-1 and sported a wick of organic hemp. The atomizer’s airflow control was set to maximum single coil mode.

Both liquids are of 6mg nicotine strength in a 40% PG / 60% VG blend.



The bottling of Big Daddy Vape is simple and no-nonsense. A primarily white label shows its front and center face with the logo for Big Daddy Vape in red. Below that is the company name, then the PG/VG ratio. The PG/VG ratio on these labels is similar to on the labels for Cactus Vapor Supply’s liquids, meaning that it is incredibly small white text, only this time in a black rectangular inset.

(As with Cactus Vapor Supply’s labels, I’m sure this piece of information will be reworked on forthcoming labels for these liquids for easier readability.)

Rotating the bottle clockwise, we see that the similarities continue: Each label bears a distinctive icon for its flavor. Rotating back in the other direction to the opposite margin, we likewise once again encounter a matrix of nicotine strength listings: 0, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg. Likewise, we also find the warning against underage consumption. Below that, a notice that advises us that these liquids are, “Product of: Cactus Vapor Supply, LLC”.

An important note that I almost overlooked: the bottles for Big Daddy Vape (as with the Cactus Vapor Supply lineup) feature child-proof caps. As FDA regulation looms over the industry, this is a forward-looking move on the bottler’s part.


Root Beer Float



Getting right into Root Beer Float, we find a liquid which is a deep gold in hue. You’ll have no trouble keeping solid track of the fill line as you dispense this liquid into a clearomizer. Occlusion is minimal and free of any particulates. Rotational and shake tests show nimble movement, a clean horizon, and a solid ripple pattern.



As with Cactus Vapor Supply’s signature line, the nose of each of these liquids cleanly telegraphs the liquid’s flavor. What I get on the nose of Root Beer Float is a classic root beer, complete with just a nibble of anise, and vanilla cream.



This liquid delivers big, thick, and fragrant vapor. Exhalation produces a big, thick core that dissipates almost instantly into a fast expanding, fast fading cloud of thick lace. But where the vapor for this flavor is really extraordinary is in the flavor carriage.

Here’s where I run into a difficulty, though, because if I tell you why here, I’m going to short-circuit myself a little later on. I’ll cover this in the wrap-up for this one, then.


Throat Hit

The cream on this Root Beer Float turns the throat hit — potent even at 6mg — from a snap into a thump. Good thing it does, too, because the throat hit here wastes no time in coming along. Even so, it’s perfectly comfortable and satisfying for both the mouth-to-lung inhale and straight lung inhales from a sub-ohm coil. It’s unmistakable there, but it isn’t by any means too intense.



Here’s where we get to one of the big strengths of this vendor. Root Beer Float boasts a flavor that is, in a word, potent. Yet, despite its potency, it’s not simplistic or elementary. That fusion of flavor components I mentioned in the analysis of the nose all come through perfectly.

The classic root beer flavor is what you get on the inhale, and how. It’s like a deep drink of A&W or Mug, in vapor form. The exhale brings on that cream that puts the “float” in the Root Beer Float. This is only my second root beer style vape (the other being Friend or Faux’s “Old Tyme Sarsaparilla”) but it leaves a high benchmark for anybody else’s version to try to live up to.





The hue of T-Swizzle is a light gold. It’s not so light that you should have any trouble filling a clearomizer with it, though. It shares its occlusion and motion characteristics with Root Beer Float, so there’s nothing else to remark on about its appearance.



Unlike Root Beer Float, T-Swizzle presents a nose that’s something of a mystery. I detect definite sweetness and a hint of fruit — but I can’t identify what that fruit component is on the nose. It is, however, an extremely pleasant scent.



T-Swizzle shares Root Beer Float’s visual output, so let’s move on to flavor carriage. It bears the same sweetness you find on the nose; however, the fruit element is missing in the vapor’s flavor carriage. You should hear no complaints from nonsmokers, though you may see reactions of surprise and hear questions from people pleased by the scent and curious to know what it is.


Throat Hit

The throat hit on T-Swizzle, simply stated, places it firmly in all-day vape territory. Solid but soft, it’s perfectly suitable for mouth-to-lung inhales or straight lung inhales, where it provides solid, lung-filling satisfaction with zero harshness.



The flavor is where T-Swizzle comes out to play. All the notes that weren’t telegraphed with the nose burst into definition on the inhale, where I pick up a shade of buttery cake and the sweet/tart of fresh, ripe strawberry. The exhale brings back that sweetness from the nose. The combination all adds up to strawberry shortcake.


Recommendation & Conclusion

Would I recommend these flavors? That’s an unqualified yes. If you love root beer vapes, there are few competitors that can beat Root Beer Float. If strawberry shortcake is your thing — and few people are doing that specific flavor, that I know of — you’re going to love T-Swizzle. If you’re just a general fan of strawberry with sweetness, this is still going to be right up your alley.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, you can (and should!) get these flavors at the following brick and mortar locations:


Big Daddy Vape in Gilbert: 18256 E. Williams Field Rd., #3

Gilbert, 85295 (At the north west corner of Williams field and power) 




Big Daddy Vape in Mesa: 4446 E. University, #3

Mesa, AZ 85205 (At the North East corner of University and Greenfield)

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