Gemini Vapor: “Adam & Eve”



Today I’m bringing you another of the more easily acquired and comfortably priced liquids — but this one is still a line that’s brand new on these pages, and I was equally as excited to try this as I was the last two liquids you read about here.

I really didn’t have the faintest idea of what to expect with this one — but that’s part of the fun! So let’s get started!


Testing Notes

Gemini Adam & Eve was tested on a couple different mods — namely, the Kamry K100 and a Nemesis clone (produced by I-have-no-idea-who), both powering a 0.44 ohm single coil on the HCigar Trident V2 rebuildable atomizer.

Nicotine strength on this liquid was 6mg, while PG/VG ratio is unlisted. I’ll do my best to estimate that in the Appearance section.


Gemini Vapors Says

Sour Green Apple with a Fresh Exhale sensation. (Contains NO Menthol).



The presentation of Gemini Vapors liquids is extremely stylish. At the same time, it’s extremely frustrating in some areas. The liquids come in 15ml and 30ml sizes; I’m reviewing the 15ml size bottling here, so the 30ml may be different. (I was unable to locate any images, anywhere, of Gemini Vapors’ 30ml bottle.)

Let’s start at the top, where the bottle arrives with no shrink-wrap collar. Additionally, the cap is not child-resistant. Now, I’m a big boy with no youngsters underfoot, so that doesn’t spoil my milk any, but parents with kids in the house will want to take notice.

Moving down, the bottle’s glass is clear, with the label in black text. While this is extremely stylish, it’s also incredibly frustrating when it comes to actually trying to read the information the label is meant to convey.

The label itself is laid out as follows: A thick white band encircles the clear glass about 2/3rds of the way down from the cap. Meanwhile, the company’s name is oriented vertically in black pseudo-Arabic style text. A stylistic, individualized icon appears as a “cutout” design in the white band, underneath which is the name of the flavor in white-bordered black text. So far, so… okay.

But it’s in the specifics of the liquid where we once again find ourselves contending with very small black text on either a background of the colored liquid inside the bottle, or a background of clear glass, depending on how much of the liquid has already been dispensed — and that’s a problem. It’s my opinion that the nicotine warning, age statement, and nicotine strength indication should be at least as important as the name of the fellow (Philip Rocke) who is credited with crafting and aging the liquid. So while “Philip Rocke” appears in easy to read white text with a black border, there’s information which is at least equally as important which is nearly impossible to read without some serious effort.



In hue, Adam & Eve is a vivid and almost unnatural aquamarine. I find myself concerned regarding how this kind of coloring was achieved, and what the potential health effects might be. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere on the bottle and nowhere on Gemini Vapors’ web site where I was able to find even a cursory list of ingredients for this liquid — so I have no idea how they achieved this.

The shake and rotational tests show a clean, clear liquid with absolutely no ripple pattern. This leads me to believe that this is a high-PG mixture, which is certainly supported by the potency of the flavor when taking a hit as well as the flavor carriage in the vapor.



The first whiff of Adam & Eve speaks of a vague, sweet apple, and that’s about all. Subsequently, if one is reaching for it, there is a little something extra to it that hints at a faint menthol — yet, if I were to hand someone this bottle, masked so they didn’t know what it was, without telling them what to expect, I doubt anyone would pick up on that cooling component, and possibly not even reliably identify apple as the specific fruit component to the scent.

The reason I know this is because I have, in fact, done exactly that. “Fruit candy” was the response I got, to which I asked, “Are you sure?” and was told, “Yeah, fruit candy, or maybe Juicy Fruit gum.”




One of the areas where Adam & Eve does shine, for certain, is in visual vapor production and flavor carriage. Not to be delicate about it, I was more or less floored by the level of visual vapor output, because the appearance of this liquid in the bottle does strongly indicate at least an 80%/20% PG/VG ratio favoring PG.

This isn’t to say that it’s cloud chasing material, merely that it approaches the visual output closer to that of a 50/50 blend. More than adequate.

The flavor carriage, while it’s certainly potent and lingering, is not universally considered pleasant. After vaping Adam & Eve for a good half hour, I’ve heard the flavor carriage described thus: “Smells like feet!”

Testing it alone, subsequently, I’ve vaped it for another half hour, stepped out the front door, waited awhile while vaping a tobacco blend to change my palate, then stepped back inside, and… yep. Feet. Or, more precisely, candy apple feet, as if somebody might have been mashing apples for cider the way they stomp grapes for wine.

So while you might not hear nonsmokers complain about any tobacco smell — since this has no tobacco component to it at all — that’s no guarantee that you won’t hear complaints about funky footwear.


Throat Hit

Here’s another area which tends to reinforce my belief that we’re dealing with an 80/20 PG/VG blend — the throat hit from Adam & Eve is just stellar. It comes on quick and strong, delivering a nice slap to the back of the throat.

And yet, this is also where that “cooling sensation” in the description comes into play. And I can vouch for the claim that there isn’t a drop of menthol to it. The sensation is similar — but only in the respect that there’s a cooling to it. I’ve vaped enough menthol eliquid to know menthol when I feel it, and it is almost always overpowering, with very few exceptions in my experience.

This is neither overpowering, nor is the exact nature of the cooling sensation the same. This is more of a very, very soft natural mint.



And that brings us into the flavor. When I described the cooling component as a “natural mint”, I knew I would have to backtrack on that just a little, simply for this reason: Nothing about this flavor is organic or natural. This is very much a candy flavor.

On the inhale, I get nothing but green apple Jolly Rancher. I’m not exaggerating, that is exactly what I taste on the inhale of this vape. When it reaches the throat, that cooling sensation comes in. It remains on the exhale, but without adding a flavor of its own — still green apple Jolly Rancher on the exhale, and even through the finish, which is on the short side of medium in duration.


Recommendation & Conclusion

I hate to say it, but Adam & Eve is simply not a flavor I’d recommend to anyone seeking an organic green apple flavor. I wouldn’t even recommend this one to somebody looking specifically for a green apple candy flavor, simply because of the lack of important information vis a vis ingredients, because of the hard-to-read bottling, or because of the lack of a child-resistant cap.

It’s not for any single one of these reasons but, rather, for the combination of all these things. The stuff smells like apple candy, there’s no easy way for a child to read the warning on the bottle, and the bottle isn’t secured against little underaged fingers.

That puts me on edge, that combination. If there’s any liquid that’s likely to be found and ingested by little mouths, it’s this one, and I am extremely uncomfortable with that. Add to that the fact that this is a decent but not amazing vape, and to me, the risk outweighs the reward on this one.

Nevertheless, if like me you are free and clear of any miniature humans in the house, then the risk to reward ratio flips in the other direction, and if you like apple candy, this vape just might suit you. If that’s the case for you, you can get ahold of Gemini Vapors “Adam & Eve” in strengths of zeromg, 6mg, and 12mg, in 15ml or 30ml sizes.

15ml can be had for $12.00 ($0.80/ml) or you can get 30ml for $20.00 ($0.66/ml) directly from Gemini Vapors’ web site.

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