Coming Soon, from E.M.S. Vapes! (PLUS: Special Offer!)



Happy Friday, everybody! This morning, it’s my pleasure to tease you a little bit with an upcoming review. Having reviewed “Banana Taffy” and “Spearmint Berry Breeze”, when EMS Vapes owner Mike Smith graciously offered to provide three more flavors for me to tell you about, I naturally jumped at the chance. Those flavors will be:

*Black Forest Cake

*Lemon Bar

*Strawberry Cheesecake

I think you and I are going to enjoy learning about them together.

But that’s not all! All through this weekend, that is all the way through Sunday, EMS Vapes is taking 20% off your order if you use the code First20 at checkout. That takes the cost of a 30ml bottle from $22 down to $17.60 — and for liquids as good as these are, that’s a hell of a bargain! These are premium quality eliquids produced right here in the Valley of the Sun. Click here to give them a try today, won’t you?

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