Extra! Extra! The new testing rig!

The New Rig


Today, my eliquid testing setup changed. And the new setup is so swell, I thought I’d make an extra entry to tell you about it.

As you know, the perennial hobby of the vaper is to find the latest “fix”, the newest combination of hardware to really unlock the glory of out eliquids, to provide the “perfect” vape. Of course, as well all are also well aware, the “perfect” vape is ever-elusive, always just out of reach. But we keep reaching for it, and along the way, we all find a dozen answers that are just about there.

Well, I’ve come into possession of my new “just about there.” In this extra entry, I’m going to tell you all about my latest.


Sigelei #13A



Fit & Finish

We’ll step in with the Sigelei #13A telescopic mechanical mod. And we’ll step into that with a word about its fit, finish, and build quality. The fit and finish on the #13A are extremely high for a sub-$50 mechanical.

Now, I’ve heard some reviewers characterize the #13A as having the fit and finish of a >$100 mechanical, and I do not hold to that — I’ve owned an authentic Nemesis as well as a clone Nemesis, and although the #13A’s build quality is certainly superior to that of the clone Nemesis, it doesn’t even approach that of the authentic Nemesis.

With that said, the Sigelei #13A is very definitely a suitable mechanical for under $50.


Features & Aesthetics

When it comes to features, the #13A is no slouch. It includes all you would expect of a bare bones mechanical mod, including a locking ring for the firing button.

Let me fill you in on that firing button, by the way. It’s a pinky button, meaning that it’s located near the bottom of the mod, but on the side. If you disassemble the mod completely, and I mean all the way down to the tubes, what you find is that the firing button is brass with a little dab of stainless steel on the end of the button. When you press the button, you push it into contact with a brass column, which has a brass-coated copper spring at its end that cradles your battery. That’s how the circuit is completed.

The locking ring for that firing button is nice and easy to engage and disengage — it’s a standard threaded ring, so righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.

A word on aesthetics — I’ve got the #13A wearing that good ol’ HCigar clone of the Trident V2 rebuildable dripping atomizer, and it looks good on there. Just one complaint — with the Trident set to provide airflow to a single coil, I just cannot get that airflow hole to end up in the front. It always wants to end up back and to the right. I don’t know why that happens, no matter where I start the hole out when I screw the Trident on, but it just won’t end up with the airflow hole anywhere else.


Performance & Ergonomics

Now for performance — the #13A is a champ. And I do mean a champ. Conductivity is excellent, whether it’s packing a regular ol’ Efest 18650 30 amp, a Sony VTC4 30 amp, or the Vamped 40 amp, which we’re gonna talk about here in a second.

When it comes to ergonomics, the #13A is also very nice, despite that airflow hole non-alignment I mentioned. In the right hand, the pinky finger or ring finger is well situated to engage the firing button; in the left hand, the meat of the palm serves the same purpose. Either way, the #13A is comfortable to hold and to fire.


Vamped 18650 40 amp battery


Vamped WM 01617 1405413723 220 220


Let’s take a moment to discuss the new battery, the Vamped 40 amp 18650 — it cooks the liquid. I mean cooks it, brothers and sisters. You press that firing button, and the coil heats up instantly, delivering nice, hot vapor (depending, of course, on your build; I’m speaking, here, of a 0.45 ohm single coil.)


Organic Cotton Wick


Pre Boiled Organic Cotton Wick 4 Pack Kidney Puncher


What I’m using for wick in the current build is 100% organic, pre-boiled cotton ball. This is my very first time with it; I was an organic cotton virgin until today. I had previously relied exclusively on organic hemp, and let me tell you — as nice as organic hemp is when it comes to wicking prowess, I have to admit that I prefer the cotton.

Why? One big reason — organic hemp has a “break in” period, in my experience, where you have to let it ditch this “funky, skunky” flavor. Pre-boiled organic cotton has no such “break in” period. It’s ready to go as soon as you are.


Critical Minds OS Drip Tip


OS Drip Tip by Critical Minds Kidney Puncher


The last piece of kit I’m going to discuss today is the Critical Minds “OS” drip tip, and this is right up there with the Sigelei #13A when it comes to impressing me. Here’s why:

It’s stainless steel-reinforced Delrin. What that means is that you get the best of both worlds: the heat dissipation of Delrin, with the structural strength of stainless steel. Not to mention the fact that it’s just as pretty as tits.. Just gorgeous, as you can see above.

My one complaint about the OS Drip Tip, if anything, is that it’s shorter than you might expect from the photo. So while the drip tip won’t scorch your kisser, you just might get a sting from the top cap of your dripper, using such a short drip tip. If they make a longer barreled OS drip tip, I’ll be all over that like a fat boy on cake. But the one I’ve got is still just beautiful.



So where could you get all these pretty pieces of kit, if you wanted to emulate my setup? From Kidney Puncher. Their prices are more than fair, and it may be just me ‘cause they’re local to your boy, but their shipping was fast, fast, FAST. I ordered all this stuff yesterday, and it was in my mailbox today. So here are the individual pieces:


* Sigelei #13A: $25


*Vamped 2000 mAh 40 Amp 18650 Battery: $12.95


*Pre-boiled Organic Cotton Wick (4-pack): $2.95


*Critical Minds OS Drip Tip: $19.95


These reviews are always free, but if you like what you read here, why not throw a few dollars in the hat? It’s always most sincerely appreciated.

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