3 New Flavors From EMS Vapes




Quite some time ago now, I had the pleasure of reviewing two flavors from an up and coming local eliquid vendor, EMS Vapes. The two flavors under review at that time were Banana Taffy and Spearmint Berry Breeze. You can read that review here.

Reckoning back to that review, I was exceedingly impressed by the flavor fidelity and vapor output of those two liquids. So when Mike Smith, owner and co-founder of EMS Vapes offered to graciously provide three of the company’s newest flavors, I leaped at the chance to give them a whirl.


Testing Setup

A quick prefatory note, for those who are new to vaping: The performance of these eliquids under review today is evaluated based on the power output of high-drain batteries and the performance of hand-built coils on rebuildable dripping atomizers. Your results may vary.

Additionally, all taste is subjective. What I think is a godsend may seem to you to be garbage, and vice versa. My aim here is to provide what I hope you will regard as the thoughts from a fellow whose palate has recovered from the flavor- and smell-deadening habit of smoking, thoughts which I hope will inspire you to try flavors you might not have considered before. Of course, the final judgment of quality is yours — this review exists solely to point you in a direction of flavor exploration you might not otherwise have considered before.


Each of the following three flavors was tested on a 0.45 ohm coil packing organic cotton wick, powered by a Vamped 40 Amp battery riding inside a Sigelei #13A mechanical mod. Secondary thoughts were provided by an associate vaping these liquids from a 0.40 ohm single coil inside a Stillare Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer powered by a 30 Amp high drain battery inside an MCV Panzer mechanical mod.




EMS Vapes has stepped up their presentation since the last time I reviewed their offerings, and they’ve done so in a big way. The bottle itself have gone from clear glass to cobalt glass; now, as I understand it, eliquid “ages” more quickly under higher levels of UV light than it does under lower levels of UV light — so that cobalt glass isn’t just an aesthetic choice but a practical choice. In short: cobalt glass bottling will see your eliquid last longer.

But starting up top: the integrated pipette, or “dripper” cap, is still in place, still secured against tampering by a shrink-wrapped cellophane collar, but still (for now) is not a child-resistant cap.

UDPATE: I’m informed by Mike Smith that child-resistant caps now ship on all EMS Vapes liquids.

Moving down to the label — the typeface on the new label is a little more “crisp”, while the information provided remains relatively the same. The front-and-center area of the label is reserved for the brand logo and the title of the flavor, while the right-hand margin is reserved for a nicotine safety warning, and the left hand margin is reserved for a nicotine strength matrix.

Beneath that is a simple notification that these are “80% VG” liquids, meaning, presumably, that the remaining 20% is PG.

All in all, this bottling presents a pleasingly professional aspect, and one that’s quite an improvement over the already excellent first-run bottling reviewed in these pages previously.

Common Characteristics



As is almost always the case with a lineup of liquids all from the same maker, these three liquids share some common characteristics between them. First, and most visibly, among them is their appearance in the bottle or, more accurately, in the pipette dripper.

Each of these three liquids is crystal clear, as clear as distilled water. That’s going to make dispensing them into clearomizers or rebuildable tank atomizers something of an exercise in vigilance, since the fill line on any of the three will be a little more subtle than you’d expect with a darker liquid.

Additionally, because they all share the same ratio of PG to VG in their makeup, you’ll find that rotational and shake tests also display exactly the same results for each of these three liquids: In the shake test, each leaves a film in its wake that is thick but quick to dissipate.

In the rotational test, each of the three displays a crystal clear and laser-level horizon line, yet leaves behind a thick, bold ripple effect to testify to its high-VG nature.



Although each of these vapes has a different scent, and I’ll be going into the differences individually, they all have one characteristic in common on the nose:

The nose of each of these liquids telegraphs the flavor both strongly and accurately. That’s a blessing to consumers — because there are no surprises. It’s also something of a downside for me as a reviewer — because there are no surprises.



Visual Vapor Output

When it comes to visual vapor output, EMS Vapes seems to have been mentored by the best in the Valley, because vapor output isn’t just big, it’s thick. Whether it’s from the Trident Version 2 at 0.45 ohms or the Stillare at 0.4, with either RDA powered by a 30 or 40 amp battery, this liquid vapes up strong and bold, chucking nimbus-thick banks of fragrant vapor from all three offerings under review today.


Throat Hit

Yet, despite that 80% VG lean in the liquids’ composition, these liquids don’t skimp on throat hit even by a jot. As I’ve noted in past reviews, the specific flavor of the eliquid can and often does impart a different “character” even to throat hit attributes of identical strength. But the strength of the throat hit on each of these liquids is quite satisfactory, a trait they share even where the character of that trait may differ in character.

Black Forest Cake



The nose of Black Forest Cake leads with one word: Intense. The second impression, following immediately upon the heels of the first, is: Dark.

This is a dark, rich scent, speaking up loudly about chocolate and cherries — black cherries, to be precise. Many of the most top tier eliquids have a nose that’s mysterious, or even deceptive, and that’s just a function of the composition of some of them.

But EMS Vapes’ offerings don’t do that — and that’s not a knock. There’s nothing whatsoever wrong with smelling exactly what you’re going to taste when you take a hit. But what you smell on the inhale of Black Forest Cake is, exactly, Black Forest Cake — dark, almost punishingly rich German chocolate, black cherries, with that intensity hinting at the other ingredient of Black Forest Cake, a liqueur made from the juice of black cherries, known as Kirschwasser.



The flavor carriage of Black Forest Cake is potent. That needs to be understood right here and now — you are simply not going to stealth vape this liquid; not anywhere. But there’s really no legitimate need to stealth vape this, because without a hint of tobacco to the flavor carriage, the only place you can’t openly vape this is in places where you shouldn’t be vaping it at all.


Throat Hit

So what does that combination of dark, just-this-side-of-bitter chocolate, rich black cherry and just-slightly-bitter Kirschwasser do for throat hit? Plenty.

Throat hit, even at 6mg, comes on quick and strong. It isn’t clowning around — it knows right where the back of your throat is, and although at 80% VG it isn’t gonna sock that spot with a hammer, it’s gonna high-five it real good.



So you’ve seen me mention dark chocolate, and you’ve seen me mention black cherry, but how do they work together? In my opinion, brilliantly. On the inhale, the black cherry/dark chocolate fusion is strong and steady, and it remains so through the throat hit, through the exhale, and into a long finish.

There are no surprises with the flavor here; there don’t always have to be, though, for a top notch vape.



EMS Vapes’ Black Forest Cake is absolutely a dessert vape; specifically, for my money, an after dinner dessert vape. This flavor is so rich that I can’t see myself vaping it at any other time. My suggestion for a pairing here is with coffee, brandy, or Scotch on the rocks.

Lemon Bar



What I get from the nose of Lemon Bar is a really well executed sense of just what the name implies I should get: soft, fresh baked cookie with a sweet lemon icing.



The flavor carriage matches the nose precisely, delivering unexpected tenacity; the scent lingers for several minutes after the last hit, with the lemon being very faint even at the strongest, and fading out much more rapidly than the scent of the cookie.

You should have no issues from nonsmokers and nonvapers when indulging in this vape in mixed company, and vaping this outdoors, the flavor carriage isn’t sufficient even to be noticed in most circumstances.


Throat Hit

The throat hit isn’t as amplified as I would have expected from a flavor that contains a citrus note; however, it is still ample and satisfying.



On the inhale, the cookie character of the lemon bar profile is dominant, all the way through to the throat hit. It’s on the exhale that a moderate lemon presence joins the cookie to round out the full lemon bar experience.



This flavor is one I heartily recommend as an all day vape; the flavor is subtle, not quite so subtle as to invoke the word ‘delicate’ but nearly so. Combine that with the satisfying but not overly aggressive throat hit, and you’ve got a definite contender.

Strawberry Cheesecake



Strawberry Cheesecake maintains the theme when it comes to fruit desserts. Lifting the cap and inhaling the nose, I pick up, once again, exactly what the name suggests.

A quick digression at this point: I can’t see EMS Vapes ever really needing to provide intricate descriptions of the flavors it produces — the name of each liquid really says it all. If you know what cheesecake tastes like, and you know what strawberries taste like, you really do know what the nose on this liquid is.

Let me instead say this: the nose on Strawberry Cheesecake is exact. It’s also potent; it has the same potency as that of Black Forest Cake, yet due to the different in flavor profile, is quite a bit less overwhelming.



Likewise, the flavor carriage in the vapor from this liquid holds a similar potency and duration to that of Black Forest Cake. The difference, however, is in the scent that fills the room after a session of vaping.

What that scent is, basically, is cheesecake. The strawberry is so subtle that it vanishes from the flavor carriage in the vapor almost entirely. This is a vape that you could easily enjoy in the company of nonsmokers and nonvapers; nonsmokers of my acquaintance actually seem to very much enjoy the scent of this vapor, so you should have no fear of hearing complaints.


Throat Hit

The nature of the flavor in this vape is such that the throat hit produced by Strawberry Cheesecake is even more gentle than that of Lemon Bar. Referring back to the Common Characteristics section of that review, though, remember: it is a very present throat hit. Still, the flavor is so smooth, rich, and sweet that the throat hit it imparts is entirely devoid of any amplifying attributes.



And now on to that flavor. As you might have guessed by this point, that strawberry is subtle, subtle, subtle. On the inhale, you get rich, delicious, authentic cheesecake. That remains consistent all the way through the inhale and through the throat hit. As with Lemon Bar, it’s on the exhale where the fruit flavor enters the senses.

With Strawberry Cheesecake, however, that subtlety is even more pronounced. Which is not to say that the strawberry is undetectable — you’ll certainly know it’s there — but it is, in my opinion, a little too subtle. Speaking only for myself, of course, I would be happy to find the strawberry dialed up a notch for a future version.

With that said, this remains one of the best cheesecake flavors I’ve tried, as of today.



This is the second of these three flavors that I would consider a “dedicated” dessert vape. Its throat hit is certainly smooth enough that you could vape it at any time of day, or all day long; but the flavor of a rich, indulgent cheesecake is one that, to me, just seems to go best during the evening.


Overall Recommendations & Conclusion

Overall, it’s my opinion that if you’re looking for premiere quality vapes in a ranged of bakery-inspired flavors, these three liquids are just what you’re looking for. Let me break down prices, nicotine strengths, and availability for you:


EMS Vapes liquids are available in 30ml size for $22.00 ($0.73 per ml), which is a fair asking price for eliquids of the quality offered. Available nicotine strengths are zeromg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, suggesting (as does their performance) that these liquids are intended primarily for use in rebuildable dripping atomizers and rebuildable tank atomizers.

As was the case with Banana Taffy and Spearmint Berry Breeze, I strongly recommend these flavors from EMS for those who like to indulge in rich, decadent desserts and other calorie-free sweet treats.

You can get these three flavors, along with the rest of the EMS Vapes lineup, here.

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