Review: The Indulgence “Mutation X”

MX Review




There are so many amazingly well designed and well engineered rebuildable dripping atomizers on the market that choosing one can be a chore. Many of the very best examples of the breed, moreover, go for anywhere from a little to a lot over the line of a C-note.

On the other hand, many of the more budget-friendly rebuildables lack something important — in airflow, in ease of use, or in quality of materials.

So it’s rare indeed to find a rebuildable dripper that features solid design, quality materials, and ease of building, use, and maintenance for a price that won’t knock the average vaper on his or her butt.

I think that I’ve got just such a rarity here in my hands, thanks to the generosity of my good friend Tom Nottingham, and today I’m going to tell you a little about it. They call it the Mutation X.





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We’ll begin with the design, which is relatively standard under the cap — but only in layout. The Mutation X sports one positive and two negative posts, but from that standard layout it starts to bust out its own special touches.

First, the post holes are very generous. 2mm for the nagative posts, and 2.5mm for the positive post. That’s roomy enough to allow for easy installation of dual coils built on 24 gauge wire.

Second item of note is the deep drip well — approximately 4.5mm. That’s plenty of room to stuff your wick into, which will keep you vaping longer per fill. And with dual coils, believe me, you’ll be glad it’s there.

The next level of design direction, and the one you’ll notice immediately on sight before you even take this bad boy out of the packaging, is the airflow control system. The top cap is actually composed of two pieces — a “barrel”, and the top collar. The barrel is where you find the airflow holes, but the collar sits on top of that, while two flanges are inserted into the barrel to block off your desired number of airflow holes.

By twisting the collar of the top cap, you can open the airflow or close it, according to your liking. (Personally, with a dual coil build, I find myself opening it up nearly all the way.)




Build Quality


My experience with the Mutation X, over the past week or so of having owned one, tells me that this is a rock solid device, where build quality is concerned. The steel is nice and thick, conductivity is excellent, and it has withstood a couple of accidental drops without so much as a misfire.

With that said, there are a couple of issues that I need to bring to your attention. First, the flanges on the top cap’s collar are sharp. Whether this is a design issue or a machining issue, I don’t know, but you want to watch yourself with the edges of those flanges.

Second is the fit tolerance of the O-ring on the overall top cap assembly. It hasn’t exactly come off in my pocket, but that’s because I don’t leave the house with my dripper. The pull to remove the top cap from this device is very easy, and I could see it coming off in a pocket if I were ever to put it in one.

Other than that, this is a remarkably solid, well built device.


Real World Use


I tend to use my dripper only at home, as I said. With that said, it is probably the single hardest hitting dripper I’ve owned to date. Currently, mine is sporting a dual coil build of braided 26 gauge Kanthal A-1 packing organic cotton wick and reading at 0.24 ohms.

Let me also mention that installing dual coils on this device was a piece of cake for me — and that, until I got this device, I couldn’t manage to install a dual coil build if you’d had a gun to my head. The big, generous post holes made all the difference.

With this dual coil setup, 6mg strength liquids come roaring to life, and I mean in every single way. The flavors are deeper and more vivid, the throat hit is killer, and visual vapor production is simply monstrous.

On the other hand, my mod heats up rapidly, and this device guzzles both liquid and battery life. Those, however, are simply the expected tradeoffs one makes for this level of performance.

Does the Mutation X do single coil builds well, too? Yes, it does, so for those of you who aren’t quite ready to set up a dual coil build, this device will still work for you — with that said, this device’s airflow design is intended for dual coil — so if you set up a single coil build in it, you’ll want to dial the airflow down to just the two bitty holes unless you like your drag to be very airy. (Point of interest: I do like my drag airy, because I prefer those deep lung hits.)




Would I recommend the Mutation X? At an asking price of just $30 bucks? I absolutely would. If you’ve been looking for a first dripper that’s easy as pie to build for and install on, and that won’t bruise your wallet even a little, you just cannot go wrong with the Mutation X.

You can pick yours up in stainless steel, brass, copper, or matte black from Kidney Puncher.

Thanks for reading, and remember, as always: Everything you read here is free — but if you like what you read, you can always feel free to support this blog by clicking the ‘Donate’ button in the upper right corner of this page. A little generosity goes a long way! 😉

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