Coming Soon!: Upcoming Reviews

Coming Soon


Howdy, strangers! I know there haven’t been many reviews here lately — there hasn’t been a lot to be reviewed. I don’t like to waste your time, Dear Readers, with hot air and fluff. But there’s some nice, meaty goodness coming soon, and I’m pleased to take a moment to let you in on what you can expect over the next couple of weeks’ posts!


Hardware (courtesy of KidneyPuncher):

-The SMOK Fury-S mechanical mod

Smok fury s

-The Infinite CLT Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Infinite clt rebuildable dripper atomizer onderdelen

-Cottonman 100% Natural Premium “Carolina Blend” Certified Organic Cotton

Angel Hair WM 37832 1411265996 220 220


-Five — that’s five — full lineups from Intrepid Eliquids:

Steam Spot

Vaper’s Grog


Vaudeville Vaping Tonics

Possession Liquids

And the full line from Cheshire Imperium!

So, this site is going to be jam-packed with reviews starting in the very near future! Stay tuned!

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