Reider Products Vape Holsters



As I made my way from rechargeable cigarette lookalike devices that easily fit in pockets to eGo-based systems, one thing began to become disturbingly apparent: I was going to start having to be very careful about which pockets I would carry my vaporizer in, and what kinds of activities I could perform while carrying them.

There really aren’t too many solutions for carrying our beloved gear other than pockets, though, are there? Well, there are lanyards for the eGo-based battery-and-clearomizer devices, of course, but you don’t always want your vape hanging around your neck — and when you don’t, where does it go? Into a pocket.

There are also carrying cases that will store your device, a 10ml or 15ml bottle of liquid or two, and perhaps a spare battery — and where does that case go? Well, in the case of those, even pockets won’t fit the bill.

Which leaves the question: What’s the best way to carry your PV, APV, or mechanical mod?

Well, this month I received a damned compelling answer to that question from Adam Snyder at Reider Products. Reider makes damn near anything you could want to hold damn near anything you’ve got, and what Adam shared with me seems like such an essential accessory that I can hardly keep the cart behind the horse on this review.

What I was sent for review, and the product I’ll be telling you about today, is what Reider calls its Cylinder Holster.


Aesthetics and Build Quality

The version of the Cylinder Holster I received today is the customized version. Let’s start with a few images so that you can see how absolutely gorgeous this baby is:


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(The Cylinder Holster holding the mod — ain’t she a beaut?)


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(Check the craftsmanship. This will last me for years.)


10710307 10203734456136046 6937723567622424439 o

(Personalized for Yours Truly. And they can make it look just as good on yours, truly.)


Absolutely gorgeous, and — when worn on a belt — deceptively compact. The fabric used feels similar to the durable material I remember from MILSPEC M1965 field coats I used to wear in the bitter, snapping cold winters of the Northwest, while the nylon mesh front panel shows off my Fury-S very, very nicely.

The fit of the mod inside the holster is secure without impeding withdrawal of the mod for use or return of it into the holster when I’m done. The stitching is top notch, and I expect that this is the one accessory I have been waiting so, so long for.


Recommendation and Conclusion

The Reider Cylinder Holster is without even the shadow of a doubt a must-have for anyone who uses a mechanical mod or tubular APV. If you own anything from a SMOK Magneto to a JoyeTech eVic Supreme, you can’t afford to be without a Reider Cylinder Holster. And at $7 for the standard version and two bucks more to personalize it with your name or logo, there’s no reason not to get one now.

Additionally, Reider Products has solutions for the eGo vaper with their Retractable e-Holders (only $3), the box mod aficionado with their VTR/MVP Holster (like the Cylinder Holster, only $7 for uncustomized and $9 for customized), and their biggest and best product yet, the E-Reider, which incorporates the design of the Cylinder Holster into a slightly larger platform, offering storage for liquid and your wallet in a roll-up design.


So here’s the cart I could hardly keep behind the horse: In my opinion, these products are so essential for any and every vaper, that starting today, I will feature Reider Products here as a Recommended Vendor. When you order yours, let them know John Castle sent you.


Get yours from Reider Products.


Thanks for reading, and until next time, please remember to do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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