Cotto’s Revenge: Five Liquids Reviewed



I’m always thrilled when I get the chance to test drive the offerings of a local eliquid vendor here in the Phoenix area. Seems like we have some of the best brewers of fine vapes in the country right here in my own home town.

Today, I’m taking a long awaited look at Cotto’s Revenge, created by Joe Cotto. Now, I hadn’t thought to ask Joe this question, so this is speculation on my part: If I had to guess why “Cotto’s Revenge”, my guess would be that it’s a tongue-not-so-far-in-cheek allusion to the idea that these liquids are Joe’s way of taking a kind of revenge on Big Tobacco — by offering something so delicious and so satisfying that smokers will finally throw down the cancer sticks. After all, when you hit Big Tobacco right square in the bottom line, you’re hittin’ ‘em where it really hurts.

Or it could be something else entirely. But I really like my guess. All five of these liquids were generously provided for the purpose of review by Joe Cotto himself.

One last prefatory note: Cotto’s Revenge eliquids are all barrel-aged for 2 weeks. This makes them ready to go right out of the mail, if you are so inclined. (I was!)


Testing Notes

Each of the five liquids under review sports a 3mg nicotine strength, and all five clock in at a 10% PG and 90% VG ratio. All five were tested, additionally, in the Infinite CLT (Version 1) rebuildable dripping atomizer freshly outfitted with a 0.85 ohm single coil of 24 gauge Kanthal A-1 resistance wire fitted with certified organic cotton wick. The CLT was powered by both a SMOK Fury-S and a Sigelei #13A packed with Efest 35 amp 18650 batteries rated for 2500mAh.

Due to the lower-than-usual nicotine strength (my usual is 6mg) and high VG content, airflow on the Infinite CLT was dialed down to near-minimum to enhance throat hit.


Common Characteristics

Due to the high VG content of these liquids, as you might expect, visual vapor output on all five is prodigious, with huge body, dense core, and a good amount of lace alike. Appearance-wise, all five also share their motion characteristics — smooth, straight horizon line, strong ripple pattern. Additionally, flavor is surprisingly strong and vivid. Throat hit is mellow yet quite satisfying, due again to the high VG content and the nicotine strength being half what I’ve become accustomed to. This combination of high VG and smooth, soft throat hit makes deep, deep lung hits very comfortable. It’s my strong belief that this line of liquids is ideal for the avid cloud chaser.



The presentation of Cotto’s Revenge is very nice. Nothing funky going on — no unusual shapes or exotic labeling here, just solid form and good style. I received the 15ml bottling of all five liquids in the lineup, though the 30ml bottling matches it.

The bottle itself is clear glass, with a pipette cap making dripping nice and easy. The label wraps 5/6ths of the way around the bottle. In the center is an illustration of a wicked looking skull in a cowboy hat. Rotate the bottle clockwise to see “Cotto’s Revenge” over the name of the liquid contained in the bottle.

Beneath the name of the liquid appear the words, “Premium eLiquid” — beneath that, you find a nicotine strength matrix of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, with the strength of the liquid in your bottle marked. Rotate the bottle counterclockwise to the left margin of the label, and you’ll see the standard nicotine warning.

All told, a solid, informative, no-bullshit presentation. 


Bourbon Custard


Giant Vapes Says: Cotto’s signature blend and flagship e-juice, Bourbon Custard blends a classic Kentucky bourbon with sweet, creamy vanilla custard, some toasted almonds, and just a hint of coconut.”



In the bottle, Bourbon Custard is pure gold in hue, making it easy to keep track of the fill line when you fill your AD of choice.



The nose here lives up to the name — it speaks of a higher-end bourbon such as Woodford Reserve, but with the vanilla note of the bourbon amplified here by sweet custard.



As I’ve learned to appreciate and expect from premium eliquids, the snapshot that is the nose expands into a wider, more textured vista when I taste the flavor. On the inhale I get oak, vanilla, and the custard — and I mean real custard, just the ghost of egg under the sweetness. On the exhale is where I pick up a change in the savory, from egg to almond, and the trace of coconut that comes in to join the rest and wrap the finish up with a sense of something satisfyingly well rounded.



An absolutely perfect companion to a glass of American whiskey, be it bourbon or even rye. Or use it to compliment a tall glass of anything you would usually use as a mixer for either of the two, such as cola, root beer, or creme soda. Even alone, it’s something that I would easily call an all-day vape.


High Life


Giant Vapes Says: “High Life, as the name implies, starts off with champagne (not the champagne of beers, mind you), blends in citrus notes, adds some sweet strawberries, and lastly a touch of cream to create a refreshing e-liquid worthy of all-day-vape consideration.”



High Life is as clear as water — you want to pay very close attention to your fill line when dispensing this one into any kind of tank.



Now, I’m not one who drinks champagne — actually, I think I’ve tasted it maybe once, at a wedding when I was a teenager. So this liquid, I’ll be frank with you, is something I can’t really judge for accuracy when it comes to the nose and the flavor.

All I can tell you is what I do get from the nose, and that’s citrus, strawberry, and cream. Brother, this stuff smells delicious.



On the inhale, I do get a white wine note, along with a very mellow citrus and cream-sweetened strawberry. The exhale is more of the same — no change-ups with this one, just a very mellow, sweet vape that, I have to concur with Giant Vapes here, is a perfect candidate for all-day vaping.



If you’re looking for something that will satisfy a sweet tooth without overdoing it, that’s mild enough for any occasion, High Life is worthy of consideration for that spot in your rotation.


Nani’s Kiss


Giant Vapes Says: Creamy toffee is expertly blended with sweet rum, then infused with a touch of hibiscus extract to create a unique dessert liqueur.”



Like High Life, Nani’s Kiss is clear as crystal. Another one to dispense with care in clearomizers, carto-tanks, and rebuildable tank atomizers.



The nose of Nani’s Kiss is rich on the rum and toffee, though I have to admit that I’m not picking up the hibiscus the description mentions. 



In the flavor, I do detect a hint — just a hint — of a floral note. Frankly, I couldn’t tell you whether it’s hibiscus or not, since I’m not well versed with floral scents. What comes through loud and proud, though, is that sweet rum and toffee. From the inhale, through the throat hit, and all the way through the exhale to the finish, the oak and vanilla sweetness of rum mixes with that toffee to make this a gorgeous dessert vape.



And that’s what I’d recommend Nani’s Kiss for — a dessert or after dinner vape. For my tastes, the sweetness is so rich that I personally couldn’t do this one all day. But it’s absolutely perfect for a rich, decadent after dinner dessert alternative.


Ocean Peach


Giant Vapes Says: Tangy, tart mojito lime is expertly blended with Chinese peach, then drizzled with butterscotch and topped off with a dollop of sweet cream.  Fans have compared the experience of vaping Ocean Peach to inhaling a cloud of magic.”



The hue of Ocean Peach is pale gold. Another one to keep a sharp eye on when filling clearos, carto-tanks, and RTAs.



The nose on this one is very light — I don’t mean in presence, I mean in character. For some reason, fruit flavors associate, for me, with lightness, while richer desserts and tobaccos associate themselves with the word, “dark.”

The nose here is strong on tangy peach, with lime coming through behind the peach. I don’t really pick up on the butterscotch or cream from the nose.



Where the butterscotch and cream come into play, for me, is in the flavor. From the inhale through the finish, this flavor is a solid fusion that exhibits no change throughout the hit. Peach remains dominant, with lime adding its zip just behind it, then butterscotch creme lingering after them in the long finish.



This one, for me, is another that gets strong consideration as an all day vape for lovers of a lighter, more refreshing fruit blend. 




Giant Vapes Says: As the name implies, this e-juice is crafted with the discerning vaper in mind.  Sophisticated blends a top-shelf Kahlua with a creamy, smooth vanilla custard, a handful or toasted almonds, and a pinch of brown sugar to create a vaping experience that will make your twirl your mustache with delight.”



Sophisticated is, in hue, the darkest of the five liquids under review today. Filling the AD of your choice should pose no problems whatsoever vis a vis keeping track of the fill line with this one.



The nose here is robust — Kahlua is immediately identifiable, as are the custard, cream, and brown sugar. This is a powerful, very dessert-y nose.



And the flavor bears that out, and how! Using the same light/dark metaphor I used with Ocean Peach, Sophisticated is very dark, very rich. The inhale gives a deep shot of creamy Kahlua, while a savory note from the custard as well as the rich sweetness of brown sugar join those flavors on the exhale.



Like Nani’s Kiss, this is one I can only strongly recommend as an after-dinner alternative to dessert. This one seems engineered to satisfy the strongest sweet tooth, and by howdy, does it ever!


Recommendation & Conclusion

If you like your vape smooth, flavorful and with big, big clouds, you just can’t go wrong trying out Cotto’s Revenge. As I said in the beginning of this piece, we’ve got some artisan-level eliquid craftsmen (and craftswomen) here in the Phoenix area. Joe Cotto is another gentleman who has hit it out of the park with each of these five liquids — and every one of them absolutely earns that Premium label.

Cotto’s Revenge liquids are available in 30ml bottling for $19.99 (plus shipping) from Giant Vapes.

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