Cheshire Imperium: Six Liquids Reviewed




Some months ago now, I was fortunate enough to experience one of the best tobacco eliquids I’ve ever tried, thanks to an investment in a premium brand called Cheshire Imperium — specifically, their Marrakech Dark Reserve.

With deep appreciation to founder Eric Scott Swerdloff, I present to you today a review of the rest of the Cheshire Imperium line. These are, by every metric I use, premium eliquids. With only one exception — Ancient Fruit — these are liquids for the tobacco lover. And yet, even the tobacco flavors in this line are amazingly nuanced and complex.

Remember that, as with any eliquid review, all tastes are subjective. These are only my personal impressions, and it’s my hope and belief that they will guide you in the direction of finding something you will personally enjoy.


Testing Notes


These liquids underwent an extensive review process which has lasted months. Consequently, each has been tested in several devices on several mechanical mods — in everything from an iGo-W4, to the Indulgence Mutation X, to the Infinite CLT (V1). They have been tested at 1+ ohms all the way down to 0.3 ohms, in wick from CE4 silica to Ekowool to certified organic cotton.


Common Characteristics


I’m sticking with my guess from the previous review of Cheshire Imperium’s liquids with regard to the PG/VG ratio: 50/50. My reason for this is simple:

Cheshire Imperium’s liquids, in my opinion, strike the perfect balance between rich, thick vapor production and strong, vivid flavor with satisfying but mellow throat hit.




The presentation of Cheshire Imperium’s Black Label liquids is virtually identical to that for Marrakech Dark Reserve with the exception of the color of the background. Nevertheless, let’s go over it briefly here:

Each 30ml bottle is composed of dark amber glass and topped with a white pipette (dripper) cap. The label features a subtle gray chevron pinstriping effect on a black background. The company’s logo is a coat of arms insignia over the words, “Cheshire Imperium Inc.” over a thin border line and the legend, “Vivo ~ Veniam ~ Vaporem” — roughly, “Live ~ Come ~ Vape”.

Rotating the bottle clockwise to arrive at the right margin of the label, the following information is presented in vertical orientation:


*The standard nicotine warning.

*A brief but thorough ingredients list.

*Born-On Date.

*Lot Number.

*Poison Hotline Number.

*Distributor Information

*A brief description of the flavor

*Bottle Volume & Nicotine Strength


Ancient Fruit


Cheshire Imperium Says: A creamy, pulpy fruit blend, with a delicate aroma that will be sure to tickle your tastebuds.  Exotic, erotic, and indulgent!”


In hue, Ancient Fruit is nearly crystal clear, so exercise vigilance when filling a clearomizer or tank with this one. The nose here is predominantly fruit and sweetness, with the cream providing the sweetness. The fruits I can detect and readily identify here are dominantly apple and pear, and I could even suggest just a shade of grape.

The flavor carriage provided here is one primarily dominated by the aforementioned fruits, and as with any liquid that ranges from either an even PG/VG ratio or one heavier on PG, both projection and persistence are quite strong. Still, you should hear no complaints at all regarding the scent, even from nonsmokers/nonvapers, so feel free to indulge in mixed company.

The flavor of Ancient Fruit is well telegraphed by the nose; and yet, when tasted, the flavor combination reminds me just the faintest bit of fruit medley, if one were to find it homemade from real, fresh-picked fruit.

If you’re looking for a good non-tobacco and non-dessert all day vape, Ancient Fruit is a solid contender worth your consideration.




Cheshire Imperium Says, Bold, rich, creamy tobacco.  Enough said!”


Bloomberg is a pale, very pale gold in hue, so keep a hawk eye on it when filling a tank. The nose I get from this one is strongly reminiscent of an “M Type” (Or “Marlboro type”) tobacco profile — very dry, very close to an analogue cigarette scent — and yet, the cream Cheshire Imperium mentions in the description alters the nose just slightly, nudging it in the direction of a 555 character.

The flavor carriage in the vapor is, of course, no different — so this one is not a vape for enjoyment amongst nonsmokers… or perhaps it is. They’ll know it’s tobacco based; on the other hand, the sweetness added by the cream note elevates it far enough beyond what they’re accustomed to from cigarette smoke that they just might actually enjoy the scent.

Flavor wise, as with any truly premium eliquid, the snapshot of the nose expands into an atlas of flavor notes that all add up to a glorious sum. On the inhale, it’s all dry, nonsweet Virginia; on the exhale, that cream comes through with a sweet and lightly nutty character.

Bloomberg is, in my not-so-humble opinion, a rock solid all day vape — it’s my absolute favorite in the entire line, and if you like the analogue-like “M Type” flavor profile or the nutty, slightly sweet 555 flavor profile, either way this one has you covered.


D.V. Special


Cheshire Imperium Says, Tobacco-oriented, with a touch of lovely spice, and perfectly balanced out with vanilla.  “OH, She’s-a Nice!”


In hue, D.V. Special is a light copper — filling a tank with this one while avoiding overfilling should prove to be no major hassle. The nose here is strong on winter spices, with the tobacco noticeably taking a backseat.

That winter spice character continues to dominate the flavor carriage of the vapor. To me, D.V. Special is just made for enjoyment in the autumn and through the winter holiday season, at least as far as the perspective of nonvaping holiday guests goes.

The flavor, likewise, is also strong on spice — yet the inhale brings with it a seriously robust pipe tobacco character. It’s on the exhale that the spices return good and strong, yet smoothed by the sweetness of cream.

As you may have guessed, I very much recommend this one as an after-dinner vape during the cooler-to-cold months.




Cheshire Imperium Says, Take a step back into the magical world of Casa Blanca, and puff on this perfect mild tobacco and black cherry blend of hookah delightfulness.”


This one is very similar to the Marrakech Dark Reserve I reviewed a few months ago. (Read it here.) In fact, the only truly major difference between Marrakech and its Dark Reserve variation is in the flavor, so I’ll expound on that difference alone here:

Standard Marrakech is a much simpler, more straightforward vape — the tobacco remains a potent hookah blend, while the absence of the spices involved in the Dark Reserve variation mean that the black cherry really stands out on this version.

The inhale is potent, dark tobacco with a hint of tangy black cherry — on the exhale, the cherry shifts to be darker and sweeter.

In my opinion, Marrakech makes an excellent pair with dark liquors — pair it with a bourbon or rum to add the dark spirit of black cherry to the oak and vanilla notes, or pair it with a good rye to counterbalance the light spice with that sweetness for a well rounded flavor experience.


Sweet Lovin’ Tobacco


Cheshire Imperium Says, Most definitely an all-day tobacco vape!  It carries notes of nuttiness and hay, with a slightly sweet finish.”


Sweet Lovin’ Tobacco is very, very pale — almost platinum pale — so when dispensing this one into a tank, keep a close eye on the fill line.

The nose here is definitely in the savory-sweet nutty 555 profile — on the nose alone, this reminds me very much of Halo’s Prime 15, but with a dramatically more organic character to the tobacco, coumarin and roasted peanut characteristics.

The flavor carriage of the vapor matches the nose — as is usually the case — but the nut and coumarin overshadow the tobacco enough that you should hear no complaints from nonsmokers.

That flavor is where the tobacco steps out of the shadows and shines — this is another light, nonsweetened tobacco in the vein of Bloomberg, but with coumarin and roasted peanut instead of cream to give it a more pronounced savory/sweet spirit than that presented with Bloomberg.

For that reason, Sweet Lovin’ Tobacco is my second favorite of the entire lineup — it’s easily balanced enough for an all day vape, but sweet enough to pull double duty as a dedicated evening “me time” vape, as well.


Tobacco With A Kiss


Cheshire Imperium Says, A perfect blend of all the right tobacco notes, kissed by a touch of fruity goodness.  As Cheshire likes to remind themselves, K.I.S.S.  Keep It Simple, Stupid!”


Medium golden in hue, Tobacco With A Kiss should be fairly easy to monitor as you fill a tank with it. The nose on this one is, in a word, potent. I believe this one may use the same hookah tobacco base as Marrakech, but dialed up to 10, with a medley of fruit sweetening it slightly.

The flavor carriage is likewise potent both in projection and persistence — and you may very well hear complaints. The issue isn’t so much the smell of tobacco — I don’t know how many nonsmokers could identify hookah tobacco as tobacco — but rather that the scent is both overwhelmingly powerful and quite unfamiliar to all but a few nonsmokers.

The flavor is another matter entirely: This is a deep, dark tobacco, very definitely in the hookah category by virtue of its potency and richness. The inhale doesn’t impart much more than that — it’s on the exhale that the fruit emerges along with that very robust tobacco to create a rich and layered flavor experience.

Personally, I would only recommend this strongly to those who are hookah aficionados as well as potentially regular smokers of pipe tobacco — cigarette smokers may be unprepared for what this liquid offers.


Recommendation & Conclusion


When it comes to tobaccos, few eliquid crafters today offer the authenticity, boldness, and complexity in tobacco liquids that you’ll get from Cheshire Imperium liquids. That said, most but not all of these are directed at the cigarette smoker.

These are premium offerings at very reasonable prices, though, and if this review has whetted your appetite for something new, bold but nuanced, and out of the ordinary, you can get the liquid of your choice from GiantVapes.

Cheshire Imperium’s regular lineup (excluding Marrakech Dark Reserve) can be had in 30ml bottling for $24.95 each (plus shipping) and are available in nicotine strengths of 0 (zero) mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

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