Vapers Against Underage Vaping


Today’s post is relatively short and very simple.


On December 15, 2014, a Facebook group was created called, “Kids Rights To Vape”. I can only speculate on the reason for the creation of this group. Is it a troll? Is it just for teh lulz? Is it an anti-vaping activist hoping to plant “evidence” of vapers trying to hook kids on nicotine?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why the group was created. The damage it could potentially do to responsible vapers is enormous. Anti-vaping activists have long howled that vaping should be stopped “for the children” — and here’s a Facebook group which, either carelessly or by design, would hand these zealots just the kind of ammunition they would love to have in order to support that particular squeal.

When this group first came to light, many in Facebook’s vaping community sought to have it shut down. Despite the fact that advocating underage nicotine use should be a slam dunk reason for Facebook to lend a hand, Facebook steadfastly refuses to take action.

That’s why I have taken action. That’s why I’ve created a counterpoint, in the form of the Vapers Against Underage Vaping page.

While Facebook may not want to dissuade the promulgation of the idea that vapers want kids to take up the habit, I’ve created this page to, at the very least, deliver the counterpoint message: No, we don’t want kids to vape. If you agree, and if you haven’t yet, please join us today. Thank you.

One comment

  • I am so glad to see this up here!! I am part of a vaping group on Facebook and when our group seen it a lot of us reported the page. We was pleased to see it got shut down. I will go check out the page you have made as well.


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