Cloupor ZNA50 APV Review

ZNA 50



Coming up in the very near future, I’ll go into the positives versus the pitfalls of authentic versus cloned versus knockoff hardware for you, Dear Reader.

But what we’re taking a look at today is a clone that actually surpasses the original device it’s based on. Today, we’re looking at the Cloupor clone of the ZNA, the ZNA 50.

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Specs & Features


The ZNA 50 is a 50 watt hybrid APV. What do I mean by ‘hybrid’? Well, like the authentic ZNA from House Of Hybrids (H/T Benji), the ZNA 50 is not 100% box mod. Neither is it 100% tube mod. Rather, it houses the battery in a tube while the 510 connection, display, firing button, wattage adjustment buttons, and control circuitry are housed in a box-like array which screws onto the battery tube.

The display is of the type found on most DNA 30 devices. Battery strength is showed as an icon; next to that, from top to bottom, is the resistance readout for the attached AD, then the effective voltage the mod is firing at. Finally, in the right hand portion of the display is your selected wattage.

So here are the numbers:


•510 Connection only. If your preference is for eGo-threaded ADs, or ADs with a recessed connection, you’re going to need a 510-to-eGo adapter.

•Compatible with 18500 and 18650 batteries — high drain batteries strongly encouraged. Personally, I use Sony VTC4 and Efest (purple) batteries.

•Wattage range is from 7 to 50 watts

•Minimum recommended resistance is 0.3 ohms


Build Quality


Let’s talk about the build quality of the ZNA 50. Overall, it is excellent, but there are a couple of issues I’ve run into with mine — one minor, one not so minor —  that bear some critical discussion. But first, the good.

The display is quite bright, easily readable in daylight if not in direct sunlight. The buttons have excellent tactile feedback, with a good, solid click to each button press. Batteries fit smoothly and securely.

Now to the issues:

First is the issue of the 510 connection pin: it doesn’t quite reach on every AD. For example, with my Infinite CLT series (version 1 as well as version 2) some adjustment was needed in order to make a reliable connection between the ZNA 50 and the atomizer. Fortunately, this is easily tended to as the 510 connection pin is adjustable through the use of most Philips head screwdrivers.

Now to the slightly more serious concern: Removing either the 18650 or the 18500 battery tube for the purpose of swapping between the two can result in the battery contact, its insulator, and the internal battery tube collar coming out of the device along with the battery tube.

There is, fortunately, a (relatively) quick and easy solution when this happens. In a well lighted area, unscrew the bottom cap from the battery tube. Then very carefully release the battery into your hand but, at the same time, be prepared to catch the battery contact and the insulator. Set those aside on a clean, level surface.

Next, use a butterknife very gently to unscrew the battery tube collar up and out of the battery tube. Re-seat the battery contact within the insulator, if necessary, then — using a flat blade screwdriver — re-screw the battery contact back into its proper position within the device, then screw on the battery tube you intend to use, seat the battery, screw on the bottom cap as normal, and you’re good to go.


Real World Use


My real world experience with the ZNA 50 from Cloupor has been (aside from the first time I ran into the battery tube swapping issue just mentioned) absolutely wonderful.

50 watts on tap, combined with the ability to run ADs down to 0.3 ohms, provides a perfectly beautiful vape. Additionally, its unique shape and compact size make it extremely pocket friendly, even with a dripper. Add to that its excellent conservation of battery life, and — paired with a spare 18650 high-drain battery — you have an all day strong champion APV on your hands for not too much scratch.




Would I recommend the ZNA 50? The answer to that is an unqualified and emphatic “Yes.” Whether you’re ready to move to your first APV or are looking for an inexpensive second device, the Cloupor ZNA 50 deserves your serious consideration.


You can get your hands on the ZNA 50 at Elev8 Vape for $79.99 plus shipping.


Thanks for reading; and, as always: Be good to yourselves and each other.


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