Donations Accepted


I’ve been told that it’s in bad form to accept donations. Of course… I was told that by some seriously sociopathic people who had a vested interest in seeing my efforts to steer smokers toward something better fail.

I was told that by people who would rather that you die than see you find a path away from combustible tobacco. Think about that. The people trying to discourage me from gaining the ability to purchase liquids and hardware for review are only doing it because they want you to die.

I’ve got a problem with that. A big problem with that. Still, I get what they mean. Donating? To a review blog? Why not just spend $30 on a device and find out whether or not you like it for yourself?

Well, the reason is simple: If 30 readers throw in a buck, I can pick up the latest clearomizer/RDA and tell you if it’s crap. If it is crap, you’ve only lost a buck on it, not 30 plus tax plus shipping. If it is worth getting, okay, you’re out a buck, but it was worth being pointed in the right direction, right?

Same with eliquids. Granted, we’re in more iffy territory here, because while the build quality and features of an atomizing device or mod are more objective, I do have a pretty “middle of the road” palate and can steer you in the general direction of objectively well-made liquids so that you’re not throwing away $20 to $26 at a time on something you might absolutely despise if you had zero reviews to go on.

So for these reasons, donations are accepted here. There’s no hard feelings for readers who don’t feel like throwing in a buck or two; for those who do, you’re supporting the cause, and thank you sincerely.

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