Two From EMS Vapes

Two From EMS Vapes



I love reviewing EMS Vapes’ offerings. Since the first round of liquids came to me for review, this vendor has consistently impressed me with the quality of their liquids. Presentation is always clean and classy, and the liquids have always provided excellent vapor, throat hit, and flavor. If you haven’t yet read a review of these fine vapes, you may want to look here and here, because while the flavors in today’s review are new, the presentation, prices, and overall quality have remained consistent from then until now; no need to retrace covered ground on those points.

Both of these liquids were reviewed in an Infinite CLT Version 2 rebuildable dripping atomizer sporting a 0.6 ohm dual coil build and powered by the Cloupor ZNA 50 at 25 watts.

In the spirit of brevity, let me first tell you which attributes of these two latest offerings are the same: Visual vapor production and throat hit. The visual vapor output of these vapes is rich and thick, with big body and lots of lace. The throat hit, when run through the above described hardware with a 6mg nicotine strength for each liquid, is quick to arrive and perfectly solid. Nothing soft or mushy on the throat hit with these liquids.

Now let’s move on to the particulars:

Black Kretek

Black Kretek is, as the name implies, meant to recreate the flavor and tingle of a clove cigarette. If you’ve ever smoked a clove cigarette, you know there’s nothing like it; the scent, the flavor, that tingle on the tongue, is absolutely unique.

Until now.

Black Kretek from EMS Vapes has captured it perfectly. Opening the bottle and sampling the nose, I get an absolutely perfect recreation of clove; heavily spiced and slightly sweet, at once exotic and warmly familiar.

I should digress for a moment — I used to smoke clove cigarettes, but only very rarely; while I enjoyed the smell and the flavor, cloves were hell on my throat. Not so with this vape. Everything I liked about cloves, nothing I disliked. Major score.

On the inhale, Black Kretek gives me exotic sweetness; it’s on the exhale, as that throat hit is still riding tall in the saddle, that the spice melds with it, even giving the same tingle to the tongue that cloves are famous for.

Not only is it a pleasure to vape, but the flavor carriage in the vapor keeps that scent lingering as a pleasant ghost for a few minutes. If you used to smoke clove, or still do, Black Kretek is sure to be a winner.


Offered in conjunction with the <link>Vape A Vet Project</link>, Gunny is a first for EMS Vapes: their first tobacco/fruit fusion. Specifically, this is tobacco and peach, which is a new taste combination for me.

Now, as those of you know who have followed my blog for any length of time, I love my tobacco flavors. That goes not just for straight up tobaccos like Virginias and M Types, not just for dessert tobaccos like the RY4 flavor profile; it goes for all tobacco-based vapes, and tobacco/fruit fusions are no exception.

Gunny blends a smooth, dry M Type base with sweet, tangy peach, and I couldn’t have asked for a finer introduction to this combination. Crack open a bottle, and the nose is dominated by that peach, but only just; you can still detect that strong, dry tobacco base underneath.

On the inhale, the tobacco speaks up loud and clear, with the peach adding a touch of sweetness that smooths it out delightfully. On the exhale, the roles reverse, with the peach lingering to a long, tangy finish.

Recommendation & Conclusion

My recommendation? If you were or still are a clove smoker, and you’ve been searching for a vape to recapture that exotic flavor, I don’t know of many who offer what you’re looking for, and I find it hard to imagine that anybody could do it better than EMS Vapes has with Black Kretek.

If you love tobacco/fruit fusions like I do, particularly one that will stand up to your highest expectations in an all day vape, give Gunny 30ml worth of audition. I know I’ll have it on hand for my rotation with the hot days of summer coming.

You can get Gunny and Black Kretek in sizes of 15ml ($11.99), 30ml ($18.99), or 120ml ($64.99), and in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. Check them out here.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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