Vape Reviews Return



     A little over a month ago, I tried the advice of some people I thought maybe I ought to trust on the subject of blogging. I decided to split the reviews of vaping related liquids and hardware off from this site onto a site of its own. I did that at the urging of some people who seemed to know what they were talking about.

     But there’s a problem with taking advice: you have to be able to trust that those who give the advice have your best interests in mind. Well, I’ve been watching the performance of that other site, and it’s not meeting my expectations. So this has been tried. It’s not working. So for that reason, starting today, vape reviews are coming back home where they belong.

     That’s not to say that writing tips, techniques, and software reviews are going back to the back burner where they sat for a while. That’s not going to happen, either. But this is a writing and vaping site.

     Can a site sustain two distinct topics, and the audiences for both? You know what I’ve decided? I think it can. 

See, here’s the thing: everybody who has something to say is a writer. And I’d put down money that says that a lot of writers smoke. Maybe. Everyone has some bad habit, but you know, most of the writers I’ve ever met have – at one point or another – shared tobacco use as one of those bad habits.

     So I think there’s overlap here. I think the two audiences aren’t as divided as some may insist they are, or ought to be. Aside from that, I think that saving lives is important. A cause that works toward that goal shouldn’t be shuffled off to its own dismal little corner. So starting today, it’s back.

Back where it belongs.

     Some people told me I should be doing this differently. I believed them. I tried it their way. No soap. I’m doing it my way, today on.

Now, if you like good stories, and if you appreciate reviews good and bad, of vape related gear and liquids good and bad, there’s a Donate link in the top of the sidebar you can use to show me. (The same people got on me about accepting donations, too, by the way. Hell with them.)


Thanks for reading, and as always: Do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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